Q & A


Question: hey Elyse, why did you wear pants, tennis shoes And your silk G's to Hawaii?

Answer: I have no idea. I'm melting right now.

Question: So, why did you guys pack your whole house?

Answer: I have no idea how that happened.

Question: Is your arm weighed down by all those ridiculous bracelets?

Answer: I plead the fifth. And no.

Question: And why exactly are you blogging? You are in freaking Hawaii for crying out loud.

Answer: Well my friends, husband is battling it out with car rental place and when I sit on the curb outside I take too many pictures. That's why. Also, we got a sweet blue mustang. Mahalo, car rental place.


  1. And I'm sitting here at the ford dealership in freakin Victorville. I may never get home. Glad someone is having fun!

  2. LOL!!! Loved learning more about you and Congrats on your win over at Busy Bee Lauren! So glad it lead me to your lovely blog!

    Liesl :)

  3. Stumbled across your blog from busybee. You guys are adorable!



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