My week in Utah.


Me oh my. I think I'm ready to go back.

To Cedar that is.

I feel like I've been there forever, but it was only a week. 

I always go at the wrong times, because right when I start to feel comfortable and in a groove here in Cali, I go back to Utah. And realize how hard I have to try to just be comfortable in my new home. In Cedar, I have a big ole group of friends that I've known since I was awkward in my braces and clumsy on the softball field. Because of that, I can have a girl's night out, laugh my signature cackle and say really awkward and stupid things about intimacy and babies, and nobody thinks any less of me. Only because they've been desensitized after about 8 years or friendship. It's been a long time. Thanks for the girl's night. Miss you all mucho.

I also realize that I miss my family more than words can express. Call me a drama queen (Side note: my email address in middle school was dramakween14. Testimony to my awkwardness), but my stupid heart aches and I only cry a lot when I have to get in the car with Dale and drive 12 hours to a lonely apartment and my grown up life, and the whole ride home I get to contemplate how long it's gonna be until I see my family again.

Man I miss them.

And finally, I get only a little bit jealous and a heck of a lot covetous (same word, I know), when I see all the beautiful girls I went to school with and I hear that ALL of them (yes, all), have had a bona fide teaching job for a whole entire school year. And they all have gotten rehired.

And smart little me still can't get hired to a job that I have dreamed of since I was 7 and in my first grade classroom with my amazing first grade teacher.

When I tell people my situation "that I live in California" or "The education system is collapsing here" or "My fingerprints still haven't cleared the $*(%_)@#* FBI so I can't apply", a little part of my pride kind of shrivels up and dies, because hey, I'm Elyse. I'm a damn good teacher. I could be teaching if I lived in Utah. I could have gotten the internships that all of my school friends got, and I could be getting hired right now too. But nope. Obviously not in my Heavenly plan. So it's really hard to believe that I'm still a damn good teacher.

And, if I had a quarter for every time someone said "Hey, I guess you should just get pregnant!", my trip to Hawaii in two weeks would be paid for and all of those people would have a nice little shiner right on their eye.

But despite all my griping, I loved graduation, I loved seeing all my school friends, my old friends, my family, and Cedar. And.....I'M GRADUATED! WOOOOO!!

But, as much as I love Cedar, I will never move back there. Here's a top 5 why:

5. The wind there reminds me why I never bothered doing my hair or wearing a skirt unless absolutely necessary. Also, for 2 days, it was in the 80's and the next day it snowed. The weather is freaking hormonal.
4. The altitude made me feel like a failure when I tried to run my usual 8 miles and dropped dead from lack of oxygen after 2.
3. I can sum the restaurant choices up quickly: Pizza Factory......or......Pizza Factory.
2. I have come to view myself as a stellar cook here in NorCal. That is until I tried to make rolls and creme brulee for mothers day and they both failed miserably. High altitude is the bane of my existence.
1. Cedar tap water reminded me that the water here tastes like recycled spit in some places, and moldy rust in others compared to the bueno taste of my home town water.

I'll even give you a couple bonus reasons:

Shaved ice the likes of the Tiki Shack in Cedar City is found no where else. And I'll be falsely positive about this reason and say I'm GLAD, because I won't add 5 inches to my ghetto booty by eating two of these puppies every day in the summer.

Cali doesn't even have shaved ice. That's how good I've got it here. 

Also, if I moved back to Utah, I wouldn't get to sporadically go to cool landmarks like these and meet random Korean business people that take pictures with us so they can show their families the happy couple, yours truly and her beau.

(we went to the Golden Gate Bridge and Fenton's for our early anniversary last week).

Sorry for the rant's good to be back. Thanks to family that came, sent me gifts, gave me money, and for your congrats.Thanks to my parents who got me a new sewing machine, took me shopping, and put off their regular lives to hang out with me and celebrate graduation. Thanks to my wonderful mother in law who took off time to come see me graduate and be supportive.  And lastly, thanks to my husband for always being amazing. Thanks for coming. Thanks for loving me.Thanks for being you.


  1. You go girl! Haha I will second you on your teaching skills and that California is stupid for not making your fingerprints magically appear so they could hire the best dang teacher! I will also apologize for pushing the prego thing...I know how annoying it is but you would be the cutest prego girl...just sayin. :) I miss ya E and your awesome cackle...I got one too! Ha It was so good to see ya! Love ya friend!

  2. Congrats Elyse! I think you are one of the coolest people I know and I am so proud of you!!! Someday when you have 5 kids and are wearing sweats covered in baby puke you will look back on this time and smile!! I love that you are doing something different and documenting it for the boring old people who blog stalk you!!! Rock on!

  3. As Hard as it is for you to leave, it's harder for me to watch you go. I know it's best for you to have your own life. But in my little selfish world, I want you here and all my kids close by. I'm still adjusting, maybe someday we won't cry when we say goodbye. It was a great week that went too fast. I sure am proud of you for graduating and all your accomplishments. you are the best! Love you!

  4. hahahaha Elyse, I love this, SO many things about this. First of all, dramakween14. haha So many MSN conversations went down between us. I wish I still had those. Second, I was also in Cedar City this last weekend and discovered that same thing about the wind. I came back to P-Town and said, "No wonder I NEVER did my hair when I lived there!" But I love you and maybe I can come to Cali and we can start our own school? Think about it. I graduate in December!

  5. Congrats Elyse!! Don't worry to much about the baby thing, unfortunately it never ends. It then turns into when you having another one!



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