Morning Delight


Every morning is the same here. Husband lets his alarm play songs for 5 minutes while I dream about the song that's playing (isn't it so weird how music weaves its way into your dreams? This morning I was dreaming of secret agent moves, and then I inexplicably morphed into an alien when Katy Perry's E.T. came on. Totally Inception-like), and then kick him a couple times so he'll get up and turn it off. Then I groan and sprawl over the whole bed and throw all the pillows over my head to I can't hear him making his protein shake and at the same time serving me a piping hot plate of guilt for not going to the gym with him. 5 AM is WAAAYYY too early for a smart person. I need my beauty rest. 

I really don't want to leave my warm snuggly bed with big pillows, or my cold dark room. So I put off peeing for 2 hours (or 4) so I can sleep. Then husband gets home, turns on all the lights, jumps in the shower, and slams all the doors while he's getting ready. I just love rude awakenings.

But the best part.

The BEST part of the morning,

is when husband kneels down by my side of the bed and kisses my sleepy slobbering face a lot of times, and my neck, and my shoulder. And he whispers things like, "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen" "You are so amazing", "You are so precious to me. Do you know that?" 

I answer these Nickolas Sparks-type moments with a romantic and sensual "hmuggghnnnhhmm" grunt. Sometimes my mouth is open. Sometimes All the time I have morning breath. I never have make up on, and my hair looks like your worst nightmare (as seen above).

Sometimes I get a whiff of his cologne, and if it's a good day, I open my eyes a slit and see him all sexy in his work clothes, and if it's a REALLY good day, I pull him into bed with me so he's late for work, has to re-iron his shirt, and gets his hopes up. 

But most of the time, in my half coherent state, I melt.

Love me some morning delight. Even if it's not in the way that you are assuming. That morning delight is good too, though.

Ps. 100th post. BAM.


  1. Oh how I wish that were the case for me I am forcing my husband out of bed cuz I have been up since 5 most mornings (not by my own choice)! Haha p.s. my sister in law knows the gay Mormon guy Blogger! Go figure! Ha

  2. You are hilarious. freaking hilarious. (mostly because i was sure you were going to be talking about the other morning delight, and then you didn't, but then you referenced it...and it just made me laugh). you and Dale are cute. makes me remember how once upon a time M & i were cute, too.

  3. I think you are the most hilarious person ever. and I need me one of those husbands one day that whispers nicholas sparks messages to me.



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