Maybe, Maybe not.


I may or may not have bought a white bikini because Dale liked it.
(remind me to tell you a story about bikinis and my rebel ways)

I may or may not have sent him a picture today on my new iphone with me in said bikini.

He may or may not have said 'hell heck yes I'm ready for Hawaii!' after receiving said picture message.

I may or may not have played dress up in all my Hawaii attire today in front of the mirror.

And I may or may not have looked hott. Like WHOA.
I may or may not have liked it.

I may or may not have decked out my house in shells and old Hawaii postcards.

I may or may not have read through parts of the journal I kept in Hawaii and laughed hysterically.

Do you guys remember when we made up that song? I ACTUALLY wrote it down?
I may or may not have been obsessed with weddings and rings in Hawaii.

I may or may not be a serious freak about gluing stuff into my journal. 

I may or may not have written down stupid things that my friends and I said during that summer.

Stuff like: 
Wait, do I have to wash these canned peaches before I eat them? (good one Kelc)
Aren't your fallopian tubes in your mouth? (Nope, Jess. A little south)

Or how about the one pictured above?

"You know I like you, Mitch." (You meant Quinn, right Laur?)

I may or may not have missed Dale while I was having the time of my life.

And if you didn't catch that,

I may or may not be ready to go to Hawaii with my lover.


  1. I'm glad you just linked your blog on facebook because Marci was telling me about how funny it is the other day and I've been meaning to find it! I just sent you the info to access ours. When are you going to Hawaii? I'm jealous!

  2. Hope your kids don't see you in that white bikini. Hide the pics they always come back to bite you!

  3. hahahaha Good times good times! Thats all I can say... and how jealous I am! I remember we always use to talk about going back with our husbands. You, sara, kelcie, and brenna have done it now its my turn.. I'll tell clay:)
    Have so much fun and dont forget to blog!

  4. ah! i'm leaving for europe in five days, and i am trying to find a way to bring rubber cement in my backpack so i can glue things in my journal. i have a feeling the airlines frown upon that. loooved this post! i hope my journal is as cool as yours!



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