Do YOU know Tanner Tavoian?


He's my brother.

He's really funny.

He's graduating.
Hi5 Photography by Sara Ursua

You know Hi5 Photography by the wonderfully talented and my good friend Sara Ursua? She did Tanner's senior pictures...and I realized my brother is an adult. It was freaking me out. He looked....hott. And grown up. I didn't like it.
Hi5 Photography by Sara Ursua

He had huge eyes and a huge head when he was little, and man would we tease him about it.

He was the brother that would hide all of his vitamins under his bed so he wouldn't have to take them. There was a pile.

He was the one who always asked for "ass cream" instead of ice cream.

My brother Dallin and I would always tease him about his big head, and he would yell "BIGGER HEAD MEANS BIGGER BRAIN!!!"

He peed and stuff in the corner of his closet multiple times.

He pulled the whole drawer of kitchen knives on Dallin and me because we would piss him off so bad.

My mom can't count how many apology letters he had to write to his primary teachers.

and that was all when he was younger.

Now that he is older and graduating from high school, he is seriously hilarious, does stupid stuff with his friends, and has gotten hurt so many times I'm surprised he's still living (case in point- he got hit in the head by a golf club when he was sluffing school with his buddies at the golf course. He told my mom he was bleeding from the occipital lobe). He has pulled off extravagant ditching shenanigans to fool my mom that he was at state track meets or at school (he looked up a crowd cheering on youtube and played it while on the phone with my mom). I have to say he's creative. 

Hi5 Photography by Sara Ursua

He has a Pandora station labeled "Star Wars and Lord of the Rings".

He is awesome at ceramics. I have so much of his work that I use to bake and decorate with.

He is the king of awesome Youtube videos.

He has a hilarious-is-an-understatement blog that he had to do for school. If you want to know the sense of humor he has, you should read it. 

He has Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars marathons with his friends on a regular basis.

He is the only kid I know that gets away with Clark Kent glasses at school. Seriously, he looks good.

He is usually too chicken to ask girls out, but when he does, watch out for the killer kissing pick up lines (ask him about it).

Even though my mom wanted to strangle him more times than not throughout his life, we are all going to miss him.He has a strong testimony and is a great priesthood holder. He's gonna be an awesome missionary. He is a good brother. He is smart and sarcastic, and he is quirky. And that's what I love about him.

Bardeldoo brother, bardeldoo.


  1. I LOVE HIM!!! I remember the ass cream and the peeing in the closet jokes . . . It's hard to let them grow up!

  2. Tanner is pretty funny I must say. And I like his Clark Kent glasses. He was my favorite little kid, we loved when we got to baby sit him. Congrats Tanner!

  3. Haha, I remember the knives and peeing in the closet.



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