Before I go...


...Our bags are packed...we're ready to go. I'm standin' here outside your door, I hate to wake you up, to say ALOHA....


Sorry, got carried away. I love me some Jewel.

Seriously though, I thought I should maybe update before I go. Because when I come BACK, I'll have a freaking overloaded mind and camera. And you wouldn't want to miss that. Or any itsy bitsy part of our sensational lives, would you? 

The other night we wanted to go camping, but it's been super cold here. Plus the ovaries in my body were practicing tae kwon do (and they were ruthless), and all I really wanted was a big gooey s'more smothered in chocolate paired with a huge ibuprofin to calm those suckers down. I hate being a girl sometimes. I also hate kicking and punching ovaries. I'd like to punch them right in the egg-maker, see how they like it.

So we went camping on our porch. And made s'mores. And they were gooey perfection. Put my ovaries straight into a sugar coma.

We also hit up another Oakland A's game, because hey, we may be a little intoxicated by the fact that there are TWO professional baseball teams near us. Let alone however many there are in the state. 
Can you tell by Dale's slightly stoned look that he is just in heaven?

We went with some cool friends.

They like the A's too.

we ate massive hot dogs.

And I like to get gangsta up in therr. Straight up homey.

The coolest part was that there was a firework show after the game. And you could go on the field to watch it!

So we all snuggled up and watched the fireworks from left field. 

Again: Dale was in heaven. I could not get him to get a cool-looking excited face. So he looks constipated. He might be, there's no telling with that husband of mine.

I better get to bed now. Hawaii dreams are calling. 

....Cuz I'm leavin' on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again. Oh babe, I hate to go (but not really).....


  1. Can't believe you called us, "cool friends"... Nerd alert! I look like a dork. But I was warm at least. Wish we could go to a game now... except you moved to NY and they lost the series!! boo.



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