2 years


Happy anniversary (tomorrow actually. As in May 2nd) my darling lover boy

My Dalio
My Dale-doe (explicit)
My Daley Whaley
My Honey Bunches of Oats
My Adorkable Bestie
My "I hate stupid pet names" tough guy

I can now say we've reached the status of marriage veterans: 

-We fart in front of each other (it's a big step). And then laugh.
-I've learned to put the toilet paper with the free side UP.
-You've learned to put the toilet seat DOWN (even though you forget most of the time. Remember the time you forgot and I fell into the toilet at 3 AM after peeing half asleep?)
-You hardly ever leave used band aids on the floor anymore. And your dirty socks make it into the dirty clothes hamper 40% of the time.
- I've learned to laugh at lame accountant jokes ("Hey Elyse...wanna get fiscal tonight?")

You're the best. Also the best 2 years of my life. I love you.

(ps...not that you care. But I'm taking a week long hiatus. Because tomorrow (May 2nd) is my real anniversary and also the day that I go to Utah for a whole WEEK. Because....I'm graduating. From college. Officially. And I get to chill with the fam and my friendies. Smell ya later bloggie)


  1. HA HA you kill me! Congrats Beards! You start forgetting what number after two. Ha ha Can't wait to see ya girl! :)

  2. Ummm... I have the same problem with the socks. Well, I guess I should say Ray has the same problem with the socks. What is the deal with that? How is it that they manage to get every other piece of clothing into the hamper but the socks somehow magically jump out?

  3. Ok . . . that fiscal joke is hilarious.



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