So Adorkable


I was thinking about my husband today.

Which led me to thinking about our hook up process.

Which in turn led me to thinking about how adorkable he is 

(Yup. New word. Dork/Adorable had a love affair).

Scene: First date
Time: April 2008

Mr. Beard wears his nice collared and button down shirt along with Doc Martins.
Gawky college me borrows my friend's shirt and wears most accentuating (ahem) jeans.

Go to Texas Roadhouse to enjoy a loud crowd so we don't have to talk TOO much. 

After dinner, we're driving, and this is the conversation that will stay in my mind FOR-EV-ERR
(name that movie)

Me:  so....where we goin' now?
D: uhhh.....I planned as far as dinner...?
me: {playful and painfully flirtatious slap} no way! You didn't plan anything else?! Dale! Don't you know that when you ask a girl on a date, you plan more than dinner? {cue revolting eyelash flutter}.
D: {sheepishly} Ha...well, I was leaving it up to YOU to decide what we should do.
You're the St. George native.
me: RIGHT...{rolls eyes}. Have you ever had Golden Spoon? It's like the best place ever invented. Let's go there and we could eat it and walk around the temple....or something.

Or go make out on my bed, my roommates are gone. 
But that part was in my head. Plus I would never do that until I was married. (?)

So we did. And then the conversation turned to something about dictionaries and such:

D says some weird word 
me: That word does not mean the same thing!
D: Yes it does. Go look it up in the theTHauruths.

crickets. awkward silence. embarrassing sidelong glances from me.

me: {waiting for him to correct himself}...............uh....did you just say THETHARUTHS?
D: Well, ya. Isn't that how you say it?
{being totally and naively innocent at this point}
me: WOW. Seriously? THETHAURUTHS?????? It's TheSAURUS Dale. You seriously never knew that??? {I realize that my bitingly sharp sarcasm showcased here could have just ruined this relationship forever. It's a primitive flirting device I have. The only one in my arsenal. Thanks}

Anyway, the long and short of it is that he really thought it was thethauruths. And that moment will be stuck in my little brain forever. 

The night that followed was full of a 3 hour futile search for Fat Man's Misery in the desert, and me asking Dale to my room so I could show him his own personal space in my journal from when he said hi to me the first time (in Lins. July Jamboree. Sophomore year). 

He stayed for 10 min. Not even a hug goodnight.
 I have no tact.

I love him.


  1. I Liked him the minute I met him too. He is great, and I sure am glad you married him.

  2. This is Dale. Thanks Lori. You kinda scared me at first but you turned out ok! :) And everyone else, stay tuned for my version of our first date. I will be clearing up a couple of my wife's misconceptions about this historical event. (Women always get it wrong)



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