Riddle me this


It's time for a riddle.

What's powdery, protects you, and stops bad things from getting passed it?

If you answered:

A) The ash that stops the smoke monster from smashing you against a tree in the best show ever called Lost, Duh!

B) The ash that is seen surrounding Jacob's cabin in the best show ever called Lost, of course!

Give yourself 100 points, a gold star, and my heart as a badge of our undying friendship and undiscovered, long lost, awesome twin-ness.

If you answered:

C) Ant chalk

Then you are smart, but not as cool. And you can have 5 points.

There is such a thing as ant chalk, my friends. My new Cali friend Ashley informed me of this just the other day. You draw a line with said special chalk, and ants cannot enter. What a freaking awesome idea. Right after that, she also told me she was a hostess at Turtle Bay for KATE AUSTEN, and saw my boyfriend JACK SHEPHARD on the red carpet in Hawaii when she lived there. I'm pissed. 

And I'm sorry, but anyone with just a smidgen of Lost interest, how can that NOT bring to mind the one and only thing that keeps the smoke monster away? There's just no way the comparison wasn't automatic.

Either I have a major problem or you do.

PS. I'm only a little sick of hearing about this royal wedding business. Who cares about this princess when there's global warming ruining our planet and polar bears are dying left and right?

PPS. I hope you know me well enough by now to know that I'm sarcastic. Global warming is not real. Neither are polar bears dying. Except in Lost when Sawyer shoots them.


  1. I'm pretty stoked that I got mentioned in post about lost. Such an honor!

  2. What i would give to have a LOST episode on tonight, like the good ole days! siiggghhh.

    you're pretty dang funny. :)

  3. I love this post! Super funny. Really making me think that it's about time to start Lost again. Oh yeah...

  4. Apparently I already commented on this post but glad I got your attention with my intense knowledge of ant chalk. Also, it's super hilarious that you wrote about hating the royal wedding business. Looks like your loath for the royals runs deep! haha.



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