Reason #18975 that I love him


I hope everyone had an amazing Easter! Ours was superb, full of ward Easter parties, a job interview, a job hiring (that's right!), a KILLER 8 mile run with some kick A moms, a wonderful, beautifully spiritual Sabbath, and a huge home cooked Easter meal with just me and my man.

Also, 2 years ago I was getting ready to marry the guy I call my husband in approximately ONE week. I was probably in the midst of finals, getting ready to freak out every day, stressing to the max, and wondering how the HECK I was getting married.

So, in anticipation of my wonderful 2 year stint as wifey/Mrs. Beard, I am again posting about Dale. Because he's hilarious and makes me laugh until I cry on an hourly basis.  I was thinking about doing a post a day about said hubby and reasons why I love the guy and things that I have learned about him that you (and I) never wanted to know.

Now, wouldn't that just make you want to stick a finger down your throat and gag at the sheer korni-ness of it?

Be my guest. I still may do it. Maybe not. I might gag too.

There is one marriage accomplishment I would like to share with you all at this time in bloggosphere space:

You know you have successfully brainwashed your husband when he can't even pick out tennis shoes without your expertise.

He has needed new gym shoes for quite a long time. He kept telling me I needed to meet him somewhere to help him pick out his shoes. Finally, I had to say, "Dale! Just go to the store after work and pick out your own shoes! It's not that hard!"

So he did. And I got 2 picture messages and 3 phone calls from him in the space of 5 minutes, one of which showcases the extent to which he is crippled:

"Seriously Elyse, I really don't think I can do it without you! I don't know which ones look ridiculous and which ones look cool. I don't know which ones you would be embarrassed to be seen with me in. I haven't bought tennis shoes for like, 4 years! I need you to tell me which ones look ridiculous so I won't pick those. Please! Please!!"

To which I responded with a big fat NO because I was 30 minutes away, and that HE was ridiculous for not being able to choose on his own. They're TENNIS shoes for crying out loud! How did he pick his very own shoes before he married me? Who's gonna be looking at them?

"Fine....I guess I'll just wait 'till Saturday when you can come with me."

So I drove my sorry booty over there. And the elimination process took all of 10 minutes, and it consisted of Dale trying to guess which ones I would like on him and getting those.

Ahh, the life I lead. It's a wonderful thing. My plan is coming to fruition. I am dominating the style of Dale. MWAHAHAHAHA

And that's Reason #18975 why I love him.


  1. Haha that is great! I need you to teach me how to get Marc to want my opinion on shoes! ha But I want to hear more about your job! I want to hear it when you come to Cedar...Which I will definitely work something out to come see ya! Let me know when you get into town! Glad you had a wonderful Easter! :)



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