"I get to have a job with my name on my shirt." - Jeff Foxworthy


Well folks....I'm officially out of a job before I even started.

I think it must be some kind of record.

The job/career gods hate me.

My fingerprints STILL have not gone through after 2 1/2 months of patiently waiting on my part. So today I called. Kind-of-but-trying-not-to-be livid.

After being transferred, put on hold, and called back, the dear sweet district office told me they were withdrawing their offer.

Which means three things:

1. I can't apply to any teaching or school-related jobs until those blasted fingerprints go through. And who knows when that will be in this blessed state of 'take as long as possible'.

2. I get to find a job I didn't go to school for.

3. In relation to nĂºmero dos above, I just wasted a bunch of money on my education learning how to teach kids so I can go flip burgers.

So i splurged at Target. Nothin a little girlish guilty pleasure and overpriced nail polish can't fix, eh?

Life is awesome. Don't you agree?


  1. I am so sorry Elyse! I feel so bad! You better pamper yourself after those shady Californians do that to an amazing teacher (I know)!:) Just know that while you're waiting you could always be working on a baby! ;) ha You are amazing! Love Ya!



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