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I love General Conference, but it's a recently acquired love.

At my home, Conference was a break from church, a day of awesomely huge breakfasts, blankets, and a crowded sun room filled with the whining, complaining and occasional snoring of my brothers. My family would snuggle together, and the teens would be ornery and offish, acting like we weren't listening, but really, we were (most of the time). And I always loved the feeling in my family sun room. Because it was filled with quiet love. Maybe we didn't even listen to the talks at all, but I remember the feeling that goes with the Saturdays and Sundays of General Conference.

When I was younger, I had listened to a conference talk that spoke of writing down revelation when we receive it, and so I started writing down thoughts in my journal as they came to me while I watched conference. I proved the promise to myself that when we write down thoughts, more will come. And I have learned a lot about myself this way.

So of course, this conference was no different. Except it was a little bit. Because Dale and I were alone. My big boisterous brothers weren't around to make jokes and whine, my dad wasn't there to try to not fall asleep sometimes, and my mom wasn't there to tell us to all "be quiet and listen to the prophet speak!" 
But I still loved it. Dale and I started our own Conference traditions of eating uncountable amounts of donuts, and snuggling on our couch watching the talks on my small computer screen. 

As I wrote down thoughts in my journal this session I realized a couple things:
-I realized that I love my little family out here on our own in this beautiful, sunshine-y place. My husband is the most wonderful man I could ask for, and listening to our Priesthood leaders teach us by example and wisdom, sage advice and loving chastisement, makes me love him, and us, even more. 

-I realized that these men and women are called of God. Our prophet and his counselors speak with God. They do, I know it. When Elder Holland talked about the process each of them goes through to know what Heavenly Father wants them to say, and what we as members need to hear, my body felt warm, my throat got all tight and I got teary-eyed because I KNEW that what he was saying was right. They receive their topics directly from God through the Holy Ghost. He's such a powerful speaker, and he gives me chills.

-I realized how wonderful my marriage is while listening to Elder Scott relate some of his precious memories of his wife. It made me appreciate the little ways that Dale shows me he loves me and visa versa. It made me want to be the kind of woman that Elder Scott's wife must have been. It made me want to become the woman that my husband tries to emulate. I want to be the type of woman that someone can say,
  "I know what it is to love a daughter of our Father in Heaven who, in grace and devotion, lived the full feminine splendor of a righteous womanhood".
It made me realize that Dale is my best friend, and I try to be a better person because of his strong example and adoring love. 

-I learned by listening to Elder Bednar's talk that revelation comes precept upon precept, and that not all of our answers may come at the same time, or even after we have tried and tried and tried multiple times to come up with a solution. It may come when we least expect it. And it may not be the answer we want.

-From Elder Uchtdorf, I learned to be a listener of the Spirit, and then be a doer of service. 

There are many talks that I loved, and some that I felt were directed at me. But the thing that I loved the most about this conference was the feeling of quiet love and contentment that permeated our home on Saturday and Sunday.

What about you?


  1. Elyse! Can I just tell you that I love your blog and what you have to say! I have been thinking about you a lot lately and I hope you guys are doing well. Love you cousin!

  2. WEll...I am going to have to second you on the talks but I have to tell you that you are so amamzing! I hope I can be like you when I leave to the flat lands of Omaha! haha YOu are so dang cute E! Keep the fantastic posts coming...You remind me to see things in a more positive perspective! :)

  3. The Sun room seemed a little empty this year. Thanks for putting in words how I feel about conference. I love more than anything having my family around all snuggled in their blankets, having breakfast, and just being together listening to the greatest speakers on earth. It's like a little taste of heaven. I'm glad you are starting your own traditions.



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