3 days from 2 years



We did sealings today to remind ourselves how we felt 2 years ago about to take the plunge.

I'll tell you a little secret.

Our whole engagement, from December to May, I was freaked out about getting married. On the other hand, Dale was acting the part of cool and collected cat. He couldn't have been more sure or more excited. The day before my wedding, two of my best friends called to see how I was doing.

I kind of flipped out.

I'm a little bit of a stress case like that. Told them I just wanted to not get married. Too much work. Too many people expecting you to accommodate them on YOUR wedding day.

The day of, as I was getting ready to see Dale right before we got sealed, I was perfectly calm and excited; just as I should be.

Now Dale.... He was a different story. When I saw him in the Sealing room, he looked at me with crazy eyes and I thought he might barf and then bolt.

He did neither. And it all worked out. Even if he did step on my beautiful train of lace on my dress, ripped it to shreds, I went all bridezilla on him, and my cousin photographer was there to witness it all.

We are living happily ever after.

Despite it all.


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