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We had an eventful weekend. Eventful as in Dale got the day off of work on Saturday. It was a lazy, sleeping in, gym going, errand running, grocery shopping and card playing day. 

On Friday, D sent me an e-letter (Oh how romantic technology has made us) in the form of a text asking me on a date:

Dear Elyse,
How have you been?
I haven't seen you for so long!
I am excited for our date tonight.
I love you
Love, Dale

 So, for lack of ingenuity, we did our favorite thing and tried a new restaurant. This time it was a Thai place called Plearn. Pineapple fried rice, Thai seared beef and brown rice. It. was. Ah-ma-zing. So good. 

I'm a little addicted to taking pictures on Dale's Iphone with my new app Hipstamatic. It's awesome, and I'm having so much fun with this leaky lens play. Obsessed much? Can you tell?  This is as close as I'll ever get to being a photographer, and I can't get enough of it. 

I recently got nominated for a stylish blog award over at Maddie's blog (Sorry, it's private. No blog stalking this one), which actually is an honor because this girl has the best style, the cutest girls, published her own children's book, has her own design blog, has the best thrifted finds EVER, and she takes the cake for hottest girl ever to grace the halls of Cedar High. At least that's what my brothers tell me. I'm mucho jealous of her hair, and her little sister is my bestie. So it's awesome. Thanks Maddie!

I'm usually not one for awards, or nominations for that matter. Mostly because all the stylish bloggers I would nominate really are stylish, none of them are me, and most of them don't read my blog. So I may just skip that part. I know, I'm breaking the rules. Sue me.

So, instead, I'll just make this post as narcissistic as possible. All about me. Who could get sick of hearing me rave about myself? I'm second only to Chuck Norris.

Agree with her or else...

So according to blog award rules,
 here are 7 facts about the one and only me:

1. I like books. Like, a lot. My favorite types being sci-fi/futuristic/perfect world/dystopia type books like The Giver, George Orwell's 1984, Hunger Games, Ayn Rand's Anthem or Fountainhead, and anything by Ray Bradbury. I also love Fantasy/mystery books like Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Book Thief, or The Thirteenth Tale. I love Classics, I love...Ok I love anything that is well-written, has deep and interesting characters, and a plot that makes me think. Do you have Goodreads? If yes, be my friend. If no, get one and then be my friend. 
2. I like dogs. Like,  a lot. I miss my doggies back home. And I want a puppy so bad I can't even see straight. A black lab please. Dale says no and so does our landlord unfortunately.
3. My favorite smell is the bread isle and old books.
4. I want to live LOST. But you already knew that.
5. I love to cook and bake. Trying new recipes is the best thing ever. I really could spend all day doing it if I had the money.
6. If I had all the money in the world, I would buy books, cool stuff from Anthro, and lots of clothes. I know, I'm so shallow. Oh, I almost forgot...I'd pay Dale's car off and both of our school loans as well. They are ruining my life. (oh...and world peace. Right?)  Speaking of world peace...
 7. I was in a pageant once. A pageant-y pageant. Don't judge me. I feel stupid for doing it and thinking about me doing it actually still makes me blush, and I didn't learn one thing, except that I'm not pageant-y enough. I don't have the strut down. Or the the stupid arsenal of make up, hair, sparkley dresses, spanx, and eyelash fluttering down. No offense to whoever has done (and won) a pageant. I think you can do a lot of good. But it's just not for me. Can you tell from the picture above? I totally wasn't into it.

Did you get your Elyse fix for today? 

( I hope you caught my sarcasm)
(I'm really not narcissistic)
(I'm the most humble person I know)


  1. Hey Silly! I was at that pageant and you were ROBBED!!! You were the most real girl there and we were totally proud of you! I'm not surprised that you won something - you are cool.

  2. I seriously look forward to your blogs! You always make me laugh :) I miss you!

  3. Elyse, your the bomb.com and I'm so cool for saying that. I'm pretty sure whoever lives above you has a GIANT dog that lives on the porch. I'm sure you can hide a puppy from your landlord. I don't know if your white rug would stay white anymore though.

  4. I think you exaggerated my awesomeness a bit....but just a little bit. I'm reading the Anne of Green Gables series right now and I'm loving it. Have you read it before? I think you would like it.

  5. i also think you are the coolest person I know...why else would i try to dress like you. Everytime I shop I always think...what would Elyse think about this? You really are amazing and I don't just say that because I'm your mom. You have always amazed me by the way you put your heart into everything you do, your little sis really looks up to you! K I know that's drippy but....you rock!! love ya too much!!

  6. The only thing I remember about the pageant was thinking" wow, we have a beauty queen in the family". Oh, and some girl with the extremely pastie white skin. I had to put my sun glasses on.
    So I will add my vote to all the others that you are the bomb. I called Chuck. He was humbled to know that you included him on your blog. He was going out to kick some A in your honor.

  7. I loved your pageant. I thought your headshot was gorgeous and I love seeing in at Brian's office. And I also thought you were robbed. And you are definitely the most humble gorgeous person that I've ever met. Have you ever read the sci-fi books by c.s. lewis? There are 3 of them and I have them, but I haven't read them. I started the first one and I can't remember why I never finished it. I need to cause Joey bought them for me and it was really sweet of him. I remember it being kind of weird though. I'll have to ask Patty what she thought cause I bet she has read them. We miss you!! Cedar City isn't quite the same without you.
    P.S. I made "Elyse's Noodles" the other night and although Max still won't eat them unless he sees you preparing them, I had 3 hungry teenagers over that devoured them. So thank you so much for teaching me things to cook that I won't be embarrassed about when picky teenagers stop by.

  8. Also...I finally got a new phone. I hate it, but when I got it hooked up I had a bunch of texts that I wasn't able to read with my old phone and I had one from you. But I didn't write back cause it had been awhile since you sent it. I wasn't ignoring you. And I'm glad you liked the announcement. It is weird that you haven't met him.



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