Never let your man...


Decide what ONE thing to buy for food storage for the week.

From the mouth if Dale:
"it's a good source of protein! You'll thank me when a massive earthquake hits."

Seriously? You couldn't think of anything else besides CANNED leaf spinach?

Thanks Popeye, but I think I'll stick to the green beans.

We did decide to go to breakfast at the Sugar Plum Cafe today since Dale didn't have to work again.

An end-of-busy-season celebration of sorts.

We love adding layers of fat just in case this winter season goes on forever.

What a great way to insulate yourself on a cold, rainy Saturday, no?

Go add a layer of fat yourself. You never know.

Oh, and have a lovely weekend.


  1. Those wet saturday roads are making me so jealous. Mostly cause I know it's warm too and not the rain we've been having that is working on melting SNOW! Joey got in to a school in Fullerton, but it's still pretty far away from you. And I don't think we are going there.



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