My man is sexy. Way.


dear husband-

I love that last night you asked me to dance at midnight. Even if it was just to practice for the dance festival.

I love that you gave me a piggy back ride so I didn't have to get my slippers wet in the rain. And your pants fell half way down before we got to the door. I think the snails saw your crack.

I love it when you say I'm beautiful when I have no make up on.

I love that you stay up extra late with me so we can eat chocolate chips with peanut butter and talk about our life. Even though I know you need to get to bed to get ready for the next long day at work.

Mostly I love the dorky you that comes through when you're tired...You know, the one that makes dumb faces every second, makes up songs, laughs uncontrollably, and tries to be sexy while dancing.

I've missed you this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad busy season.
And you're kind of a hottie.

Looking at pictures of when you were little kind of makes me love you more.

It also kind of makes me dread what our kids are going to look like.

I think my looks will balance us out. Maybe.

Love you mucho,


Now you can all go gag.

And as a side note: I don't think I've shaved my legs for a month. I feel really sexy.


  1. hahaha you kill me! You and Dale are SO CUTE :) Hope you guys are doing good!

  2. Your hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh=)

  3. Cute post....but seriously I grabbed Lincoln and we are laughing our butts off at the "younger" Dale! That mullet is a-mazing. Wow. No words.

  4. Oh I love you Elyse. I thought this post was so cute and then I laughed really hard when you said that pics of him when he was little make you nervous for your kids. Oh my goodness. I love the mullet. You do have a hot husband though, so I wouldn't worry. Now I really want you to have kids so I can see how freakin' cute they are! But when you have kids your mom won't love mine as much anymore, so you can wait. Haha...just kidding.



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