I'm Famous


Did you know that I was recently in a movie? I was. It's kind of a big deal. You may have heard of it. 
I played a pretty big role. Elise Sellas. And guess who it was opposite of? 
Yup. Matt Damon. 
Really, it's no big deal. We're pretty good friends now. 
Actually I'd say we are a little more than just casual friends. 
But I'll let you judge for yourself:
The way Matt (or Matty-poo as I affectionately call him) says my name just kills me. Because he says it a lot in the movie. By the way, it's called The Adjustment Bureau, in case you didn't catch that bit.

He wants me to marry him. But, as I'm already married, we're considering starting our own show. TLC is really interested. Like "Brother Husbands" or something to that effect. It will be a wonderful spin-off of another already wildly popular show.

We have so much fun together. See how much we laugh together?
Really, I just couldn't get enough of hearing my name drip out of Matty-poo's sweet mouth. He has such a way with names. Especially mine. And we have quite the electrifying chemistry on screen as well as off. It's pretty much awesome.

So, go see the movie. I dare say it will remind you of me. Because...ya, I'm in it. Just in case you didn't catch that from all the still shots. Shoot me your address and I'll send you an autographed copy of the movie poster.


  1. Too much booby showing in that last shot. Reminds me of that pic of your mom and her rock star boyfriend.

  2. I saw it last night - I thought of you every time he said her name! I had the same experience with Tim McGraw in Country Strong. Every time he called his wife "Kelly" I melted a little.

  3. Hahaha. You crack me up. You rockstar you.



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