Confession time.

It's approximately 3:07. PM.

Yep. You read that right.

My lazy butt is still in bed. I feel like a worthless, lazy, non-contributing piece of Blaaaah-ness.

I got up this morning to make Dale's breakfast, lunch and dinner (I'll take that to go please. All 3)

I've gotten up to pee 3 times.

I still have not eaten.

My sink is full of the most disgusting dishes imaginable. Which naturally coincides with the most abominable smell imaginable.

I have a pile. Wait, scratch that. PileSSss of laundry to fold.

A freaking messy room.

And all I really want to do today is make fattening gooey chocolate-y treats (yes to all pictured above) and then stuff my maw with an extra large, extra deep, extra cheesy, and extra greasy pizza. And eat it all. By myself.

I feel worthless. My stupid job? Remember how I got hired? Like, more than a MONTH ago? Remember that? Well I do. And I still haven't started. Stupid California.

Also...I can only go to the gym for so long, clean my house so many times, beg my friends with kids to entertain me so many times, make any excuse possible to get out of my apartment so it looks like I have somewhere to go so many times, and go to the mall so many times without spending my husband's hard earned money before I start to get that stupid forboding feeling of my current lifestyle being ridiculously unprofitable. I need something to do.

Any minute now I should be expecting a call from my mother. She has that uncanny ability of knowing when I have one of these "stay in bed all day" days.

I'm embarrassed now. But I had to get it out into the empty nothingness called a blogosphere . Please tell me you have days like this. Or did before you had kids. And were out of school. And were waiting in limbo for the job that keeps you endlessly waiting. Or just lie to me.

Does anyone need a break from their current life? How about a nanny for a day?

Location:My bed


  1. Just have a baby already....that seems to fix all problems. right?

  2. Ha! I've had plenty of those days... I totally know how you feel!

  3. You totally crack me up!!! So granted I got home from S.L this afternoon at like 1 but if it makes you feel any better i'm still in my PJ's in my bed and it's SIX PM!!!! I love it. WE're soo cool. Love your blog it's so fun

  4. I actually was going to call you today but i refrained because I'm afraid you look at your phone and groan when you see my name because I call too much. I had a lecture all ready too, darnit!

  5. I have a job for you...i need training on blog updating. I really don't know how to add all the cute stuff you girls have on your blog. How about being my teacher?

  6. Enjoy those days!! I look back and miss those lazy unproductive days! They will end quicker than you think!

  7. I do that all summer while Tyler is slaving away.. I sleep till noon and lay out or watch TV all day because he usually had the car so I was stranded! Haha, sounds fun but it does get old! Wait, what job???????????

  8. You never bug me and I think you are on mine and Livvy's top 5 favorite people list. I've had days like that and I know that it sucks sometimes. Just rememeber you ARE needed in my life! I'm so glad you live close and you have made a WORLD of a difference to me. So thank you for not being so busy you couldn't sit on my couch and watch lame T.V. with me. =)

  9. You seriously are hillarious, and very honest, and that is what I love about you!! I just had to comment and tell you I totally know what you mean about the hanging out with people who have kids and going to play group when you don't even have kids. hahaha! Its all about getting yourself out there right?? Keep blogging and entertaining me please.. PEACE!

  10. you are HIL-ARIOUS, Elyse! i love you and am so glad to know you. i wish i lived over there in your complex....jealousy of Vindie!! then we could frequently commiserate about how lame busy season is. which we should still do because busy season should die.
    thanks for always keepin it real and for makin me smile!



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