Have I told you that I'm going here:

Did you hear me?!?! I'm going to HAWAII!!!

Yep, I am.
In June. FOR 10 DAYSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is how excited I am:

As in jumping for joy.

For those of you who may not know, Hawaii is the love of my life. First.... I mean second only to the Mr.

In 2008 before most of us got married and serious with school, a bunch of my friends decided to go to Hawaii and bum it around for the summer. In a crappy house with no cars and lots of cockroaches. No we didn't go to school at BYU Hawaii. No we did not get jobs. We literally went to the beach every single day and explored Oahu for two solid months.

Best. Summer. Of. My. Life. Period.

It was freakin' amazing. And that's an understatement.
And maybe only a little bit irresponsible.

I totally fell in love with the place, and Dale will testify that after I left, the only thing I could talk about up until now was all of our adventures in that place. And how bad I wanted to go back. Like...permanently.
I L-O-V-E it there.
I still remember our trip like it was yesterday and we're goin' on three years away this summer! (double sob, tear)

I think I tricked the hubs into believing that I might actually never be happy with him (or, worst case scenario, I would die) if he didn't take me to Hawaii before I was 23. or sooner.

So as a graduation/Christmas/birthday/valentines/and birthday present to ourselves, we decided to get a beach house for ten days on North Shore and kick it as lovers.
We may get an Acai bowl....or 20. A day.
Bask in those beautiful sunsets
Introduce D to the local places to eat
Lay out in the sun and get some wicked tans (me) and a little bit of lobster skin (Dale)
Maybe jump off of a couple cliffs while we're at it

Visit this newly rennovated/dedicated temple!

Take the bus EVERYWHERE....and maybe take some pictures of sleeping, slobering locals during the rides

Maybe send a message in a bottle to the unknown, filled with advice and our email addresses

Check out my old employment haunt (yes people, I was totally the Hina at the Polynesian Cultural Center in the night show) (Yes, that's my partner without his shirt) (And yes, I am supposed to be Hawaiian, shiny face, tan lines and all).

Who knows...maybe I'll get to sign a few autographs while I'm there?? bahahaha

We will, of course, check out the point - my old home away from home

Do a little surfing? Totallay dooood

and eat Matsumotos until our tongues freeze off probably.

Who knows? We might even make out on the beach, From Here to Eternity style.

And though we NEVER skinny dipped on our 2008 trip, (right girls?), what happens in Oahu, stays in Oahu.


  1. I must say I am jealous.. we are planning on going next Christmas for a little get-a-way, since our summers are deprived of Tyler working like a dog!! I wish we could go together since I don't really know anything about Hawaii or the cool places to go!! Maybe you should teach me :) Oh and maybe give me the name of the place your staying!! Love ya

  2. I know you DID skinny dip...i have seen way more of your friends than I ever wanted to see....( ! ) that doesn't quite look like a butt crack but you know what I mean



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