You know your a LOST fanatic when...


Random stories automatically bring Lost references to the front of your mind.

Today I heard a sad story from a friend about a boy who got in a motorcycle accident and crushed his vertebrae. Had to go into hours of surgery. They have no idea what his condition will be.
While I'm listening to this, inside my head, this conversation is occuring:

"dude! It's ok! Remember in Lost when Sarah crushes her spine and wants to dance at her wedding and it's a hopeless situation but then Jack saves the day and fixes her and it's nothing short of a miracle?!? Miracles happen. Jack will fix his crushed vertebrae.
Yes, I know Jack isn't real.
So? Doesn't mean it can't happen!
Ok, ok, I won't say anything referring to Lost and Jack Shepherd."

Ok, about 15 minutes later, another story pops up about how my friend found out she has a half-sister that her mom kept from her for her whole life. This time, I just can't contain myself.

Outloud I say:

"Wow, that's like Lost! Remember when Jack finds out that Claire is his half-sister and his dad never told anyone about it?"
Crickets chirp.

"Well, it was a cool episode."

Tonight was only the 2nd night I've played ball with these ladies that I lost my cool in front of. Obviously, I'm the weird new girl, and this conversation didn't help.

But, this total lack of common sense in social situations is due only to the fact that I got all of the Lost seasons for Christmas and I am rewatching them right now. And it's awesome.


  1. No worries...I just finished a civil war series that completely consumed my life. I found myself walking to the phone a couple of times to call Elizabeth or Camille to get the latest info on their love life or most recent battle. I'm lame but the characters seem soooo real to me. I have a feeling you know what I am talking about.

  2. I. Love. Lost. Charlie and Hurley are my great friends who I just don't get to see unless I watch an episode...then we pick right back up where we left off! Ha ha. I totally understand!

  3. I still have the last episode on my DVR. I am going home to watch it RIGHT now.



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