4 pictures that sum up the weekend


They say that pictures speak 1000 words.
In this weekend's case, they speak volumes.

I realize that most of you won't think this post is funny. Or even understand what the heck we did this weekend.
Even though it was rainy, cold, and we spent more time in the car than out of it, we just had a really, really fun time laughing, being squished, and eating good, fattening food.
But I do hate it when family leaves. Can someone else come entertain me now?


  1. That skanky shirt your mom is wearing makes me feel much less guilty about my purchase on the Sabbath.

  2. Your Mom is going to KILL you. Also we need to zoom in on your face from that picture at the mall. It makes me laugh. Thanks for all the fun!!!

  3. You're right...I have no idea whats going on...but the pictures just crack me up!

  4. ok i hope everyone that sees that pic of "me" doesn't think what happens in SF stays in SF....

  5. I knew you were with Patty when I saw all the references to Chuck Norris on FB. I need a visitor too. Come see the baby. I would fly to you, but Gwen has school. I hate school.



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