San Diego Trip


The San Diego trip this year was such fun. Dale's brother is getting deployed again to Afghanistan in March, so all of the family got together before he leaves. We rented a beach house right on this little bay and the weather was perfect the whole time.

But, of course, no family vacation can go exactly as planned....right?

Right you are, Scottie.

We get to this house, and the first thing I get a whiff of is pot. Like major pot. Disgusting, sickeningly sweet-smelling pot.
(You do you know the smell Elyse? Well my does not go to San Francisco on New Years Eve without becoming well acquainted with it--the smell of course. And Dale the used-to-be-wild-child is my husband. Self-explanatory, yes?)

Anyway, we get there, and the guy who owns the house is obviously hot boxing it in his garage underneath the rentals, talking to his huge white bird named Chief.

Long story short....we get up to the beach house and we experienced false advertising at its finest.

Professional cleaner = your latest bimbo used a paper towel to wipe down the door knobs. Or something.
Pet bird = bird feed and grime and heaven knows what on the counters
Shag carpet from the 70's = hidden treasures and raking time included
Utilities included = pots and pans that have not been washed in YEARS. I swear. Years.
Kids welcome = no running, screaming, having fun, sneezing, blinking, or acting like any age from 1-7
Wide screen TV and Cable = a remote that is so well-used that it has 10 inches of dried food and visible germs on the buttons. I Cloroxed wiped that baby for days.
This place seriously had an awesome view, but I wanted to throw up every time I touched something without bleach in my hand.

Here's the shag carpet in all its glory. And royal blue, too. Can't beat that.

The fixtures in this place were awesome. I BEGGED my sister-in-law to let me have this shower so I could have the privilege of bathing in water from a golden swan's mouth while surrounded by cheetah print.

And, my personal favorite, the treasures hidden in the shag carpet and in one of the beds.

Yes my friends, that IS a DD bra.

We found a bullet too.

And a huge screw.


(the bra was in the bed though. Naturally.)

Other than the interesting living arrangments, we had a blast.
We went to the tide pools.

Had lots of ocean time.

Celebrated this lady's birthday who made this vacation possible.
Partied like rockstars.

Got WAAAAY too noisy.

Went to Joe's Crab Shack with just the adults.

Just relaxed in whatever was available.

Celebrated this cute boy's 7th birthday (He was trying to impersonate the Elvis lip curl).

We had his birthday at the Corvette diner. It was all decked out in retro stuff, with cool cars, cool music, and great art.

We played at the beach and ate sand.

Ran around screaming our heads off a lot.

Laid in the sun enjoying the perfect weather.

Cheesed it so our neck muscles look insanely weird.

And fed the birds the rest of our bread left over from the trip.

This is the entire Beard family. Pretty sweet, right? I'm so glad we got everyone there. It was a blast. THANK YOU JAN for making it possible for us all to be there! We had such a great time with family.

And next time you go on vacation....Make sure the guy renting to you isn't some pot-smoking, bimbo-dating, shag-loving, bird-best friender, kid- non-tolerater.


  1. I cannot believe the bathroom...and the bra. Crazy. Cute pictures =) Glad the sun was shining and the trip was fun!



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