Happy almost weekend


Though every day is pretty much a weekend for me over here in unemployment land, Mi madre, sister, aunt and cousin are coming to visit for the weekend! I'm beyond telling you how excited I am. My weekend starts TODAY!

so...enjoy, my pretties.
This be my current favorite, put on repeat over and over again song.


  1. Haha...I was just catching up on blogs and I read your post about copying people. You are so funny! I need to see your handwriting now. I am totally flattered and happy that someone thinks I have cute handwriting. And I'm also jealous that you guys all get to hang out!! How fun! And I'm sad that baby boys can't wear cute headbands. Love you and miss you. We ate dinner at Susans tonight and we were all talking about you. (And babies) It was good...everyone thinks you're cute.



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