Have you ever read Rockstar Diaries blog? If not, click out of this pathetic one and head right over there. Because this sweet little image below:

Is what you'll be missing out on if you don't.

I want her baby.

I might steal it.

I also might steal her baby's name.

And all of this girl's clothes.

and lipstick.

If you haven't noticed already, I'm a copier. I copy people.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to copy everything someone does, just because everything they do is awesome? And you don't even personally know them?

Most of the time, I feel like we are besties because I blog stalk them.
Do they know me?

This girl who is the author of a sweet blog, who is LDS, who has awesome style, a cute husband, and a beautifully perfect, sweet baby girl who I want to steal, with a sweet old lady name that I also want to steal....has made me baby hungry, has made me want freckles, and has made me want to move to New York and copy her.

And so, moral of the story:

I'm a baby hungry copycat who has copied traits from people that I know well, and people that i don't know (but intimately do know from blogs) and integrated them into my life.

Suzy, my handwriting is copied from yours when you used to give us envelopes of cash after working at the snowie. I practiced letter by letter. not kidding.
Kelly, my raging sarcasm is inspired by you.
Rockstar Diaries, your awesomeness just plain inspires me to be me.
Hairdresser on Fire, my hairstyles are inspired by you.
Marci, my random, bare-all posts are inspired by your seriously funny ones.
Sara, your confident, business-savvy happiness has inspired me to try new things.
Lauren, your positive spiritual outlook on life has inspired me to work on myself.
And everyone who's pregnant or has recently had a baby has made me want to copy you and get knocked up soonish.

We'll have to see how that one goes over with the boss.


  1. Just have a freakin baby already!

  2. I can't believe I was mentioned here. Especially after that red haired fiasco.

  3. I think its time for a baby Elyse... I'm giving you the go ahead! By the way.. this post made me laugh really hard. Thanks for that! Hope your new job is going amazingly well!

  4. Jump on the baby train! It's so fun :) I just blogged about loving babies tonight. It will make you even more baby hungry :)
    And can I just say that I love you? because I do. You make me laugh so much. I'm a total copycat too. Like, I wish I was as cool as you and could rock a fedora like you do. Maybe someday when I don't have gross mom-hair covered in baby barf.
    yeah, sometimes having a baby isn't so cool.
    anyway, now that you're back, let's get together again. yeah? yeah? are you all busy now that you got a job? how bout you plan on monday night bachelor night at my house?? do i have bad breath? am i rambling?

  5. Love your posts Elyse!! Who doesn't blog stalk and feel like there friends are strangers!! I do=)

  6. I love you! I'm so glad I have you a part of our family, I too am a stalker, and I copy what people do and wear, or sometimes I just have you pick things out for me. I don't have a creative thought in my head! And about the other part...If you do it I will :)



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