Sunday dinner


Step right up ladies and gentlemen! What you are about to see will make you thankful you have a mother who can cook:

Welcome to the first Beard Family-attempt-at-a-Sunday-roast-dinner-like-my-mom's-that-failed-miserably.

On your left, you will see the wannabe Pillsbury brand biscuits that turned out to be rocks.
The center showcases a tough, overcooked roast cooked by the loving husband of the house. If you raise your eyes a little from that monstrosity, you'll see ripped up lettuce. In a Ziploc bag.
To your left, you can observe the (made from scratch) congealed, flour-y gravy, as well as the potatoes that have nothing except sour cream in them because Dale drank all the milk. Have you ever had sour potatoes?
Not pictured was the overcooked broccoli. It was limp.

The meal was completed with water straight from the tap.

Maybe it looks good, but let me assure you, it didn't taste good. Actually, it kind of did after I drenched mine in ranch. After that, it was a little more palatable.

Man, do I miss my mom's cooking.


  1. this post made me laugh out loud. you should ask Mike about the time a wash-cloth caught on fire while i was making meatballs.
    some funny shiz happens in the kitchen around here.
    hope you're having a blast in so-cal! come back soon!!!!!!!! hug.



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