Look not behind thee


I found this on Mormon Messages and it spoke to me. I've been wishing that my life could go back to the way it was. I've been resisting change and this move. Adjusting has been insanely hard for me. But, leave it to the Lord to set me straight. Even though we're well into our new year, I'm glad to realize that the only thing to do is look ahead. Enjoy.


  1. So I may have teared up a litle watching this.. I can't imagine how hard it is for you to deal with this change.. but I want you to know that I look up to doing it! The future looks exciting for you my friend:)

  2. We have a little white board at our house that we take turn putting quotes and thoughts on. Before Joey left for the capitol the other day he erased the thought and put "Remember Lots Wife". I couldn't figure out what he was trying to tell me, and today he said that it was a Mormon Message that he saw on your blog that he loved. So thanks for posting it. And if you ever feel like no one is reading your blog just remember that it's only because Joey isn't commenting. We miss you!



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