There's something liberating about moving to a place where nobody knows you. I've always liked to get in my car, blast my ipod, and rock out just so I have someplace to do it where no one will hear. Like drives to St. George or Salt Lake by myself were ideal, because I will sing in the car, top notch, facial expressions and all. Until I pull up to another car. Then I pause, act cool, no singing, just driving. Then I pass them and start singing again. You know what I'm talking about.
In Cedar, you could potentially know every single person you pull up next to in your car or pass on the road. Errands are filled with just listening to the radio, in fear of being thought of as weird. How lame.

Today I got done with the gym and wasn't done listening to my music. I pulled on my shades, turned my volume up, and rocked it. Even while passing cars. Even at stoplights. Even while parked.

Sometimes, I love that no one knows me here. No one knows my car. I'll never see these people that I just embarrassed myself in front of again. They'll just think I'm some weirdo from Utah.
HOW LIBERATING! It's the best feeling ever.
I like how you can move to a new place and turn your style, your mannerisms, and your personality into something you've always wanted it to be, because nobody knows how you were before. No judements. You get a clean slate to become the person you've always imagined yourself to be. The kind who doesn't care what people think. The kind who busts out a move at the gym because you can. The kind who can finally tries new things.
I've had to get out of my box here. I never call people on the phone. It's a fear of mine. But here, I've had to. I never trust myself to pull off big shenanigans or initiate a get together with friends. But here, I've had to. I would have NEVER went to play volleyball with a team I have never met. But I did last night. I have been forced to grow up and stop being a huge baby who cares what others think.

I'm telling you, it's liberating. Try it sometime.
Get out of your box.

And don't even try to pretend that none of you sing loudly and exaggeratedly (?) in your car. I know you do.



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