Finally. Christmas.


Well well well. Finally. 'Tis the Christmas post. Picture overload. I'm going to make this as short and sweet as possible. I LOVED Christmas this year. It was SO SO SO good to be with my family. And this year, we had fun. Lots of it.
We decorated stockings. And since Dallin wasn't there yet, we wrote D+H surrounded in a heart on his stocking, representing his love for the new GF. I love practical jokes.

We decorated cookies.

Brian was obscene with his

We found and opened our annual Christmas ornaments. We decided to play a joke on Tanner. He likes this girl but didn't have the guts to ask her out for a while. So we decided to give him a ballerina ornament because we all "thought he was a girl until he finally asked her out". He didn't think it was very funny.

And if you can't read Dale's, it says "Accountants like to get fiscal". Funny right? If you're not laughing right now, that's ok. Only a select few have geeky accountant humor.

We made our usual gingerbread (graham cracker) house village. Complete with:
a bona fide red barn, with a frozen over pond and everything, courtesy of Dale.

My obviously Catholic church with a cross. There are wicked gingerbread people who need to repent too, you know.

Phyllis's (nickname) was our getaway beach house. Even came with a palm tree.

Tanner's was Obi-Wan Kenobi's house. He's obsessed. That structure is like, hexagonal. Did I mention that Tanner has a "Lord of the Rings/Star Wars" station on Pandora he listens to frequently? Seriously.

And my handsome brother Mckay AKA Jacob Black provided the... bunker, lest there be a tornado?

The watchtower. Nazi style.

And the KOA campground. Complete with Twizzler flags.

For the first time ever, my mom, Marinn and I got matching PJ's. Sweet right?
And we ended our Christmas Eve night with my favorite "It's a Wonderful Life" starring my boyfriend Jimmy Stewart.

In the morning....
Because my 13-year-old sister can't tell analog time, she recieved a manipulative clock (ages 0-3on the box). It even has danimals on it. Now she gets to practice, preferably before high school next year.

Dale is WAY too excited about nice shirts and ties.

Also, I only put up this awesome picture of myself because....I got a cool new camera for my birthday, so we got a leetle picture happy. And, don't you think I look like the cute trolls with jewels for belly buttons and colorful hair sticking up? This picture is my hair defying gravity, and we thought it was SWEET. I give you permission to laugh.
Anyway, we had lots of fun having a wonderful Christmas dinner, played lots of card games, laughed obnoxiously, got to see my cute little nephews, my grandparents in Salt Lake, along with all my other awesome cousins, and then it was over.


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