Little Italy


Day 14. A picture of your family.
I realized that my family (part of them) came to drop me off at my new house after Thanksgiving, and that I never even mentioned it. I think my Mom was just prolonging the inevitable of letting go. She has a hard time with that, so she came with Brian and Marinn. We explored the city and got the stamp of approval.

We found this really awesome wall drawing of the World Series Champions...The SF Giants! This painting really did cover a huge long wall in the middle of Little Italy. The art was amazing. They even had Lincecum pitching!

Anyway, it was pretty awesome. So for one of the days my family was here, we explored different parts of San Fran, and stumbled across Little Italy. There were Italian flags and authentic Italian restaurants everywhere! I loved it! The restaurant we chose to go to was very authentic and totally different than Americanized Italian food (duh?).

There is always so much to see in San Francisco, and everytime we go, we discover new places, new shops, and new people/cultures. I feel like there is so much history here! We have had a couple more interesting adventures, so stay tuned for news about driving backwards on an on ramp, visiting the San Quentin prison, and getting lost in Richmond (top 5 most dangerous cities in the US) at midnight!


  1. We still miss you and the kids haven't forgotten you yet. When are you coming home?



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