Favorites of 2010


Favorite Hobby
I learned that I love to sew, refurnish, redo and recreate things. I suck at it, yes, but it's been so fun to do this year.
Favorite Music
Favorite Person

Favorite TV Show

Favorite Food Place

Favorite Store
Favorite Books

Favorite Movies
Favorite Styles

Crazy hair and blazers

Dark red lips
Whatever this camera is and however it's edited, I love all shots like this. Anything vintage has defined my 2010 year.
I realize that a lot of my favorite things didn't actually appear during the 2010 year, I just discovered them this year. So I'm slow. I know.
Regardless....Happy New Year!
I can't wait to shed 10 pounds, find a job, make friends, and learn to love Cali!
What are some of your favorites of the 2010 year?


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