Birthdays and such


I love birthdays. I admit, they were better when I was younger and got my favorite dinner made and my favorite cake..... Now if I want that kind of birthday I have to make it myself and suffer eating the leftovers for a week. But I still love them.

I'm lucky that I have an amazing husband. Because lately, anything that goes wrong can throw me in a gigantic pit of despair for a week and I become quite useless. And pathetic. So, again, I feel lucky to have a husband who does anything and everything that is humanly possible to make me happy.

(I don't think he knows that all he'd have to do is quit his job and stay home with me. No big deal).

So, days before my birthday I was planning out my day so that I would have lots of things to do to keep me busy and feel useful. I didn't do the wash, I left the house a mess, sink full of dirty dishes, finished my library books, saved an episode of Gossip Girl I needed to watch, and started working myself up for a Jamba and 3 hours wandering the mall. I was actually looking forward to my busy day, because those don't happen often.

But again, I have a thoughtful Dale at my house who got me the best birthday present I have ever or will ever get. A DAY OFF!!!
Seriously, I'm kind of shallow. I like presents, I do. Who would have ever thought that my idea of the best present ever would be a Saturday-like day on a Tuesday. It shows you how pathetic my life has been. Needless to say, he threw my day off, but I'd welcome a day off from cleaning and talking to myself anytime.

He made me breakfast in bed.
He took me to the city.
We did all our Christmas shopping.
Had the best lunch ever.
Ate 2 huge cookies each.
Got stuck in traffic.

Later, we both lit 22 candles on a tiny Coldstone cake, and opened 2 cards and a box from my family in Utah. Then we watched Netflix.

It really is so weird to have a birthday with only 2 of you. I am used to being with all of my family and having a big party. But, I'm realizing that this is good for us.

Also, I've noticed that I just jabber on in my blog lately. Nonstop. I think people have stopped reading it. I don't blame you. I hate reading blogs with 5 pages of text and 1 picture. And I'm turning into one of those people because it helps to just talk on this endless journal page. It would be ok if this was funny.

I'm done until Christmas. HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY!!! I know that we will :)


  1. ELYSE!! I would like to inform you that I am still a frequent reader to your blog, and I LOVE IT!! I'm so glad you had such a good Birthday with Dale. Miss you!



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