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I love music. I really do. And it has become my very favorite friend in the last couple weeks. We talk to each other, go shopping together, hang out, work out together. It's a pretty tight relationship. So my today for my 30 days: "Ode to my Ipod--shuffle master"

1. Breathe - Taylor Swift
2. Miserable at Best- Mayday Parade
3. Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band
4. Solo Impala - The Fashion
5. Down By the Water - The Drums
6. My Sherona - The Kinks
7. Made For You - OneRepublic
8. Georgia on My Mind - Michael Buble
9. Don't Make Me Wait - This World Fair
10. Missing Persons 1 & 2 - OneRepublic
11. Just Like You - Three Days Grace
12. I See You - Mika
13. The Crow and the Butterfly - Shinedown
14. Set Fire to the Third Bar - Snow Patrol
15. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star

Now for Day 21.
A few pictures of things that make me happy EVERY time I see them.
My beautiful vintage table from Recycled. I love it more than anything. We just don't dare eat on it and are still waiting to find the perfect chairs to refashion for it. Doesn't it look so chic? Especially with the non-matching folding chairs?

Our awesome elephant table, ALSO from Recycled. It also shares my undying love. I think it's one of my very best purchases. ever.

The "Things I like about moving" board we started. Some days I really have to stretch to find things.

A sink full of dirty dishes that I don't have to do if I don't want to. No one's comin to my house
anytime soon. I love the freedom of laziness.

And finally, I recently purchased a fedora, and I'm in love with it and my husband. So this picture makes me double happy.

And now for day 23. Something I crave all the time. Well, I'll give you one guess.
We made a WHOLE chocolate cake for dessert on Sunday, and now I get to take my sweet time eating this whole thing with no guilt and no judgment from my ipod.

Don't call. I'll have too much frosting on my hands.


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