Day...I don't remember.


Actually, I'm getting kind of sick of this.

A picture of something/someone who has had the biggest impact on me

This place.

This guy.
Maybe it's because I miss him so bad. Maybe it's because I was just on facebook looking at pictures of a certain someone I used to date. And I'm embarrassed I used to date him. SO embarrassed. Why didn't anyone tell me? Thanks a lot guys.
It makes me appreciate my hubby 10 million times over. He's the best. Maybe I'll change my mind when I live with him again and have to deal with his dirty socks and used band-aids on the floor.
But as of right now....I just count my blessings and try to forget my past.


  1. hahah oh elyse I am so glad that someone else facebook stalks old regrets haha. I thought I was the only one! Im with you though, its so great to look back and so Im so lucky I found my best friend and other half! We learn from the past and have joy in the future right? ;)



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