Day 9


Day 8 went out the window because I don't want to do it. I have so many short term goals that can't be completed and it would be depressing to post them and then not get it done. My major goal right now is to move to California without totally breaking down. If I can do that, I'm golden.
Day 9
Something you're proud of in the last couple days

Ok...I'd have to say....finishing school? Ya, that would have to be it. I totally waited to post this until I was done so that I would have something I could say I was proud of.
Today was my last day of student teaching, hence the end of my schooling as I know it. The emotions of this day are just killing me.

Out of this world excited-to be done with school after 4 years. It has been a long road and I have worked my butt off to get a degree before moving. It really makes me feel accomplished.

Nervous (?)-- as in sweating tacos nervous because I hate saying thank you and goodbye to friends that I've made in the schools. It's awkward and I'm bad at it. I sound like an idiot.

Sad- And I wasn't even sad until I was walking away from my elementary school. Swore to myself I wasn't going to cry. I was doing good too, saying goodbye to 2 Kindgergarten classes whilst group hugs... and then the cutest little red headed boy had to come running to give me a letter that he wrote and a picture drawn on the back of a sacrament program. "I lve you ms bid" kind of made my day. And I had to hold back the tears-because...I'm not a crier, I'm not a crier, I'm not a crier. And then I got in my car....and the damn dam broke.

Scared- Because for some reason now that I'm done with school I feel like I have to grow up. Like get a REAL job. Have a kid. Make money. Be responsible. I hate it. It really freaked me out. I LOVED school. As much as I complained, I love to learn and I loved the people I have met and just doing something that I love to do everyday. I've been going to school since I was 4. Now I'm done with college. Should I have gray hair? I feel like it.

Terrified- Because, I have to do interviews. And I can't interview. I'll never get a job because of my inability in that area.

Most of all...I'm gonna miss those kids. I'll miss those 4th graders who loved my outfits and got my stupid jokes and thought I was the best teacher ever. I will miss my Kindergartners and buttoning their pants and listening to them say, "Mrs. Beard, I like your pants", "Mrs. Beard, I like your hair", "Mrs. Beard, I like your shoes" when I ask a question about colors. I'll miss them telling me that I can color in the lines really good and assuring me that it's ok if I can't draw very good because they're smart and know what I'm trying to draw. And their hugs. And singing the Freddy Kruger song for me.

I'll just miss it. And tonight I'm depressed. Totally the opposite of what I thought it would be. Oh well. Guess you gotta grow up sometime.
But guess what???? I'M A TEACHER!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats!! Doesn't it feel awesome?! I totally felt exactly like you one year ago this goes so crazy fast! I thought student teaching was so hard and I hated it at first but it ended up being my favorite experience ever! I am happy for you! Good luck with the big move :)

  2. You will be the best teacher ever!! It is scary to think it is time to be a grown up! I felt the same way when I got married, graduated, bought a house, became a Mom and the list goes on!! I am just glad I am not the only one:) love to read your blog!!

  3. Thanks for this! I just ended teaching my second grade class on Friday and it just about killed me. My mom told me she did not want to talk to me the entire month of May when I am a teacher because of the emotional wreck I am going to be. :( Rude mom. But you will be amazing! I can not believe you are graduated! Congratulations Elyse!!

  4. I'll never forget asking you, Elyse, what you "wanted to be" on career day when you were in middle school-you said "teacher"...and I took your picture:) YOU are making those goals come true!!! *Awesome*{you'll be the very best}.

  5. I hate that you are leaving...but i am super proud of you and what you have accomplished. You have always excelled at anything you have done. You will be awesome in Cali too. Just know there is a huge hole in my heart!!



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