Day 5...And what happens when the Giants win the world series and Dale is there


A picture of a place you've been

I have been to Australia. A two week trip including a week in Fiji and my best friend and annoying little brothers and a 16 hour plane ride when I was 14. I have real pictures of me there, I swear, but I really didn't care enough to scan them in. Plus I was an awkward and ugly adolescent. Thank goodness I finally grew out of that stage last year.

My friend and I researched where we were going and found out Australia had spiders the size of dinner plates and the most poisonous types of snakes in the entire world. We also heard that the toilets flushed backwards there, so we tried that numerous times. I don't think we ever found out. I guess we don't pay much attention to the way toilets flush here. It is beautiful there, but the thing I remember the most is that on the 16 hour plane flight home, I sat the entire way without moving, and when we got there, I looked down and saw elephant sized ankles. They have stayed that way ever since, cursing me with cankles. That's my excuse anyway.

Apart from that trip...we've had some interesting happenings in the split Beard Concord/Cedar residence(s). Recently the SF Giants won the world series. Lucky for them, we moved to North Cali right in time to help them win. If you know my wonderfulf husband, he lives, drinks and sleeps baseball. If baseball season and busy season ever fall in the same time frame, I'm screwed and may as well find a boyfriend. Anyway, Dale got in a bar fight after the world series game.
You should see the other guy:

Just kidding. It was from playing softball. Bar fights sound better though.
Yup, that is a maiming scar to his perfectly formed face. They knew he needed stitches, so when our amazing friends in Cali took Dale to the hospital (THANK YOU MIKE!!!), and told Dale he needed plastic we kind of freaked out. But, it ended up being that they just needed to have a plastic surgeon do the stitches because the cut goes over his lip and it was pretty jagged and deep.
I can't leave the poor boy alone for a month without him marring himself.

So here is after the quick stitch-up...Great eh? The funny thing about this is that D told me..."Hey. You should blog this". And then he promptly sent me before and afters. So here I am. Blogging. At my hubby's request.


  1. ouch on the lip! EEK! &I have always wanted to go to Australia!

  2. I didn't know that you had been to Australia, that's awesome.
    So we made Mexican bubble pizza tonight. The rolls were doughy. It was gross. Gwen ate it anyway. Max almost barfed no matter how much I protested that it was recommended by you. (I cooked it longer once we realized it was dough.)
    Anyway, thanks again for the recipes. They are saving my life. Max is still the worst eater in the world though, I think he needs to see you cook it before he believes me.



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