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So... if you know me, you know this is extremely hard for me to do. But I've had requests so I'm doing it. Here goes. I feel stupid already.
Ok....so all of you know I have no life. So, I've taken to my hobby of making baby things as you have seen in previous posts. My favorite thing is to make baby headbands. Now, I'm really not one of those people that likes to brag about something when everyone else is thinking..."ya....in your dreams I would wear that ugly putrid thing". So I'm putting myself out there and asking for consensus. HONESTLY, what do you think? I hate selling something if it isn't perfectly made, and I'll tell you right now, these aren't. They are just cute (to me). Would anyone or anyone you know be interested in buying or just taking these? If not I'm saving them for my next baby shower haha. I won't be offended if you are puking your guts out right now. Or holding back a loud cackle. Here is some of the stuff I have made.
And...I know how stupid everyone must think I am because I ATTEMPTED to photograph these and edit them in an appealing way. Photographers out there (Sara/Suzy), I know they are below beginner.

And a little warning. These baby pictures are not my baby and I did not take the pictures. I didn't even ask for permission to borrow these off facebook. My friend Sara Ursua who started her amazing business called Hi.5 photography took these for a friend. This is Chelsy's baby, who doesn't read my blog and doesn't know her baby is on my blog, and doesn't even know me that well. Chelsy, if you're reading this, I'm sorry. But her baby is beautiful, and I gave her a couple of headbands for her new baby girl. So I'm using this as my only model to show what they look like on. I'm sorry if I'm breaking family or copyright rules here. I'll take them off pronto.

Anyway....let me know? If they are ugly, please tell me. PLEASE tell me. I don't want to keep giving these to people and embarrass myself if they laugh and give them to the dog as a chew toy. If you like them and know someone who might want one....they do make good gifts. I can do any colors, any styles...I'll give you a good price?? or just give them to you. ha.


  1. Dear Elyse.. I THINK YOUR HEADBANDS.. scratch that.. I THINK EVERYTHING YOU MAKE IS SOOOOO COOL!!! I'm so serious! You are very crafty, and I love your style, and I think you are very talented.. and I would totally buy them from you if i had a baby, or for like a shower or something. You are so cool.. I want to be just like you.

  2. i cant believe you would question if your headbands are cute! you amaze me and i'm sooooo jealous you can make those, cause i have yet to learn! it actually makes me kind of wish maddox was a girl just so i could get my hands on some of those FABULOUS headbands! yes, FABULOUS! never for once think they could be ugly, you silly girl!

  3. Oh yea, Did I tell you I had a baby Girl! (hint hint)
    They are really cute and love the one you gave to Brynn.
    Those are all cute.
    Not surprised that they were made by YOU

  4. So cute! Seriously, I love them! If I have a girl I'm definitely going to be hitting you up for some of those!

  5. are you serious! thats it... i need prices right now! these are SO GOOD! im not kidding elyse! oh and i need to make a request too.. haha :)so how can i buy some from you??

  6. will you reserve some for me for say.... 5 more years then I'll be ready to buy some :) LOOVE them

  7. These are so super cute! I love them! If I had a baby I would enlist you....

  8. Elyse...you should pretend to be more confident. Because you are so awesome in every way and for some reason you don't seem to know it. I love your headbands and your onsies. I definitely think you should sell them. And your pictures are cute too. We love you!



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