Day 4ish


A habit you wish you didn't have

Hmm...What to choose, what to choose.
I'd say the habit that's bugging me the most about myself right now is my very bad habit of picking at my split ends. And I have A LOT of split ends.
Get a hair cut you say?

Oh. Well you need money for that kinds of uppity living.

No wonder it's taken me so long to grow my hair out.

On a side note, there are some definite things I am LOVING right now. First off, I just have to say that I love Taylor Swift. Always have. She's one of those people that I don't even have to analyze all of the music on the CD before I buy it on Itunes. Same with OneRepublic. I will buy every Taylor Swift CD because I just love her music and her voice. Her latest album "Speak Now" is awesome. Really. I listen to the songs on repeat all night when I get home. She's so spunky! And down to earth. I think that's the thing I love most. If you like her, buy it. It's stellar.

Speaking of music, I have found myself listening to songs featuring California and loving them- trying to psych myself up for the move. Like Katy's California Girls. Once I move to California, will I be so hott I'll melt your popsicle? Probably.
Fine, fresh and fierce too.
That's just what happens when you be representin the West Coast. Then we have the Mama's and the Papas featuring California Dreamin'. Because I do. Dream of it. Often. Oh, and how could I forget the classic Beach Boys? I wish we all could be California Girls. But, I probably won't be doin' any Californication.

I recently came back from a long trip to North Cali.
And it was awesome, because I miss Mr. Beard. Really. And he misses me. He always says that he wishes I was there. So it got me thinking:

Why not?

Cardboard cut out of self. I couldn't make it stand up to greet D every day at the door. So he hung it up on our wall. He told me he says hi and bye to it everyday when he goes/comes from work. I had a great time going to Staples and saying, "Hey, can you print this in, like, lifesize? I need a friend."

We went to this cool little alley in the city where the restaurants have tables outside! The food is awesome. If you ever come visit, we'll take you there.

Unfortunately, that whole day, we felt like this poor pigeon. It rained the whole time I was there. I just wanted to bury my head in my sheets and never get up.

We checked out this cookie place that is TO DIE FOR. There is no competition when I say that these are the best cookies I've ever had in my entire life. And that's a lot of cookies.

Also, I have opened an Etsy shop. It's still in the works (as in adding more stuff) and not very business-like. But if anyone is interested in any new stuff, check it out!


  1. You're so funny.. I love that you did a cut out of yourself. Its really weird that you're going to be gone soon. PROMISE me that we will all get together for an outing before you go.. By the way. I think I want to buy a headband? Cool?

  2. Seriously laughing out loud! :) you are the funniest person and so creative! Im gonna miss you! But if i ever get to go to cali, which i hope so, cuz braidon has never seen the ocean! ahh! I will definately come see you! And yes we need to do dinner before you leave!

  3. Maybe I will blow up my pic for Marty!!!.. haha



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