Day 3


A picture of you and your friends.
Picture? How 'bout pictureSSS. More is always good.
I have great friends. We go back. WAAAAY back. Played sports together, middle school, high school, graduated, and stayed friends. A lot of us are married, havin kids, moving out away from Cedar and doing different things with our lives, but we stay in touch still. We all have quite the history. And I will miss them. So here is a tribute to my friends and I. We've had some fun times.

This is the last time we played softball together. It was terrible.

And our summer in Hawaii. With only part of our group. But it was my favorite summer of my whole life. I am not kidding.
Friends are a little bit of a sensitive subject for me lately. Because, well, I'm moving. And I will have no friends. To say the least, it's depressing. The only place I will have to meet friends is at our church. Which is a family ward consisting of mainly older families. Great. Maybe I could join a quilting club. So, thanks my friendies! You're the best.


  1. dude, i'm not an oldie and i definitely do NOT quilt, though i wish i did. quilts are cool.

    let's be friends, yes??

  2. We really all have been through so much together!!Friends Forever?? cheesy..but its true! :) I LOVE YOU!



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