Day 2


The reason behind your blog name

Hmmmm.... this one is hard.

Let's see.

I think that our last name is BEARD. As in a beard that you have on your face. Not like bear with a D at the end. Everyone was cool with our name in our ward when we first moved in, and then a couple named the BAIRDS moved in and ruined everything. Now nobody can say our name right.

At least it's better than TAVOIAN. Try saying that Kindergartners.

Sidenote: I am officially Mrs. Beer in my Kindergarten class as of late. I don't know how they would have handled my maiden name. I thought I was making it easier on everyone.

This brings me to a funny story (to me). When we were getting married, I was really bummed that I had to change my last name. I mean, doesn't Elyse Tavoian kinda just rollllll off the tongue? I liked hearing how everyone and their dog mispronounced both of my names. It made me unique. And also made me quite easy to spot as that "Tavoian girl"....Hey, aren't you related to that dentist? That guy who ran for city council and lost? Doesn't he have a kid? Oh he's awesome..... ya. Even though I changed my name, still can't get away from the connection. It's a plague. Like the black plague. Anyway, Dale googled the top 20 worst last names in the world, because everyone can make fun of the last name Beard. You have to be really careful what you name your kids. Let's just say I'm glad that our last name isn't Pickle**ck now. It's real, people. So now I am grateful for my name, even though our kids are doomed to be nicknamed so-and-so mustache. Oh well.

I had to fill this post with ridiculous and useless information, because the fact of the matter is that our last name is Beard, and that's the name of my blog. Like I said: I'm original.


  1. Oh how I feel for you trying to get away form your maiden name. When people ask me if I'm "one of those Carlson's" I always think hard before I answer. Will it help me or hurt me . . . and I get called one of "Jerry's kids" sometimes. That hurts.

  2. Gotta love it:) At least you didn't marry in and become a Neda Beard like me! Haha! And poor Maddie Beard. I think that is why I call her Maddison:) Love the Mrs. Beer. Makes me smile.

  3. I was always "Jannah has a Beard". And the crazy part is when people ask you to spell it. It's like the facial hair you know!

  4. Your blogs are my favorite!!! You are so stinkin beautiful and so creative and so funny, etc etc!!! I just love getting on here to check up on you guys. Glad you're so happy!!!

  5. I can remember cringing at my new married name-when I was a newlywed, thinking it sounded like a country music singer:) When I was in college-my name was on our dorm door...and the guys would say,"Dolly Parton? Oh, Dolly Player:)". So, maybe country music has been in the picture for awhile now.

    *Maddy says you should name your first son Harry:)



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