just a little


Ok. This post may seriously be embarassing.
Ok, it's really embarrassing.
I may be the tiniest, tinsiest, littlelest, minusculy, BARELY....
baby hungry? maybe??
Just a little bit?

How stupid right?
I know, I know! But I can't help it when my friends and family are having gorgeous babies left and right and all I do is make baby stuff.

But, I'm not prego. Nope, no plans. A few favors from my readers though....
#1: Don't tell my husband-he won't like it.
#2: Don't tell my mother-she'll get her hopes up
#3: Don't think I'm retarded-because it's just a phase. I hope.
#4: Don't tell my husband!!!
Ok that's all. I'm over it. Seriously.


  1. They are so fun=) Kardyn wouldn't mind a little friend!!

  2. Liar! You are so not over it. ;) Just have a baby already! Pretty much the only thing stopping me from being a mom is my lack of husband. That just really gets in the way! :) You guys would have cute kids!

  3. You can have mine. When I'm done cooking it. I'll send you over some papers to sign.



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