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It's been an eventful last days of summer. I started student teaching last Thursday and I have to say...I was so nervous. Like to the point that I just almost didn't go. I'm scared of 4th graders. But now that I'm comfortable there, I love my mentor teacher and 4th graders really are not as big or as scary as I imagined. So school is going good there. Dale moves in like 2 1/2 weeks (tear) to start his job. He is now all DONE with his tests!!! He got a 90 on his last test and passes his ethics test, so he is good to go. I am so proud of how hard he has studied. He is an amazingly hard worker. I love him for it. We also put a down payment on a condo in.....CONCORD! Yes, it is the ghetto. Yes, Dale is buying me 5 cans of mace. One for each area of the house and my car. And a knife. We will be in the couple that we know's ward, so that will be nice. It is a 2 bed/2 bath for only $1250 with a pool, a huge patio, and not far away from some amazing shopping and Dale's job. I guess things just work out. Usually 2 bed/ 1 bath apartments are like $1600 bucks, so we lucked out with what we got and I'm SOOO EXCITED! We've started packing up all of our stuff and we decided to move me out of our apartment now to live with the parentals until I can move out too. So it's all working out.
Aside from that. Before I started school, I was teaching myself to sew and crafting. My friend Sara was having a baby shower, so I decided to be cheap and make her stuff instead. I got most of my ideas from DIY tutorials that I'm obsessed with. So here are some of the things I've been making.

My custom made, signature onesies. haha They are so fun to make.

My favorite thing to make is head pieces for adults and babies. So these are just some of the ones I have done. I love them!

I am going to work on my photographing crafts skill. Even though I know how much you all must love the oven in the background.

2 sided bibs. These were a freakin lot harder than they look.

Next, Dale and I needed a dresser, so we stole an old ugly dresser that Brian had and we redid it. Seriously, it was hideous. But I had some ideas to spruce it up. So. This is the Before:

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the After. I have to say that we are extremely proud of our work. Hold the applause.

We added legs, some awesome wood filigree stuff to the sides and bottom..

Bought some 99 cent wooden knobs, painted them white, laid lace over them, and then spray painted through the lace. What a genius idea.

Seriously, I love how it turned out, and it completes our thrown together bedroom set. A set of drawers this big retail price would probably be upwards of 600 bucks. Grand total for this project? 4 days and 50 bucks. I love it! Dale and I are quite the team. I am the visionary/creative design, and Dalebeard is the get it done, mastermind of the project. I couldn't have done it without him.

So our nightstands were so mom looking, we just really had to do an update. This is after we sanded and painted them. They were glossy brown with a door, and just didn't match or look good at all.
I was inspired by some furniture I saw to do a little Mod Podge-ing. So I got some paper and decoupauged away. You have to get a little creative when you're as poor as dirt.

Dale's is awesome. I loved doing it, and he was so happy that he could have baseball instead of something girlishly vintage looking. I swear it was like Christmas for him.

I love the way mine turned out. It's exactly the look I wanted.

All put together. It turned out so nice! Don't mind the sparse bedroom

Anyway, sorry for the long post. You won't get another one for a while, so don't hold your breath.


  1. Elyse! You are amazing! Serious! I know we never see eachother but im still gonna miss you! :(

  2. Brynn loves the headband you gave her and the girls both raved about how cool your dresser was. Now I know what they were talking about. You are so lovely and talented!! Did you make all that baby stuff for me?? you are so nice. We are going to miss you! I hope you visit!! and dale can visit too.

  3. Well look at you Miss Domestic and Crafty! :) I am VERY impressed with your skills Elyse! Such a good wifey. So cute and I can not believe you are moving! So jealous of your guys' adventure!

  4. LOVE LOVE your dresser and night stands! SO CUTE!!! thanks so much for making all those things for the baby!!! i want more of it!!! make some more.. and i will pay you :) haha well done my friend.. well done!! love ya!

  5. Love the dresser, you did such a great job. We are going to have to get together sometimes and do some crafts, I love the hair flowers.

  6. im not one to usually comment but I am totally in love with the onesies you are so creative...not to mention the cutest girl ever. and where did you get the earing holder, i need one so bad.

  7. I love all of your projects Elyse!!! You are so talented. I'll have to steal some of your good ideas one of these days:) Good luck on the move to California!

  8. Are you awesome or what?! I love it, all of it! Alex has been looking for a chair to 'redo'. Dale is pretty awesome too. He is kind of smart in a smart way, I guess :] Love you guys.

  9. Elyse=) How did you make those cute little onesies?! I love the ruffles!!!! Would you like to be on the enrichment committee?! Just kidding, but seriously want to try to make one of those!



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