Dale and I have been talking a lot about our soon to be move to California. As I go about the regular day in my boring life, I've realized a couple things I'll miss that have been taken for granted.

Knowing which radio stations are good. Come on, 101.7 is classic rock, 92.1 is popular hits, 98.1, soft rock and church music (haven't listened to that since I moved out of my mom's house), and I know where to find Glenn Beck if I need him. What do they listen to in California? Liberal weird stuff, I'm sure.

WHERE WILL I FIND A HAIR DRESSER!?? Who will cut my hair? Myself? I'll end up looking like this picture. It's been a product of nervous worrying for me for a long time. My current plan of attack is to find a girl who's hair I like and ask where she gets her hair done. Hair dressers unite and either move with me or look up your contacts in the northern part of the state.

Dentists....How the heck will I find one of those? Or doctors? I'm freaking out here. How will I know who's good? Who screws you over with insurance? Who is nice like the doctors here?

And lastly: my dear, sweet Costa Vida. They have a CAFE RIO 30 minutes away from where we will be living. It's just not the same.

Along with these really very trivial matters, I will miss people knowing what a Mormon is without checking my head for horns or not offering me chocolate. I will miss knowing how to drive and where I'm going. I'll miss weekly lunch dates with my friends. I'll miss people being friendly and knowing who you are. I'll miss living by my family and watching my brothers play football. Mostly I'll miss the cheapness of living here. Oh well. My next post will be about what I will NOT miss about living here in Cedar. Until then....


Ps...In case you didn't catch my sarcasm in the last post, I do know how to spell reunion, and I am being pretty sarcastic in this post as well. I'm assuming most (well some) California people are normal. They can't all be liberal. Someone has to care about the Constitution there, right?


  1. You are adorable! Good luck with the move dear! You will be great, although it is kind of scary...not that I made a move to Cali, but I decided Provo is foreign enough! :)

  2. Oops....for real, what are you going to do without Costa?!?!? I think I would die. Not to mention, I do not think I could even bring myself to eat at Cafe Rio... jerks. :) I can mail you something if you would like! ;)



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