Summer, Part 1


Oh, it has been a busy summer. Ours has been filled with camping and pretty much nothing else. It's awesome. I'm a little behind so chill.

We went camping with Marinn a couple weeks ago (no one will ever go with us--how pathetic that we have to ask my little sister). Anyway we had this awesome dutch oven dinner planned, and right before we were ready to leave, Marinn got hit in the face with a softball. It was huge, hence huge growth on sisters face above. I had to make fun of her all night after she got done crying a little.

Dale is our master chef. We had the BEST dinner EVER! chicken, to die for potatoes, and a little cornbread in the s'more PIE! sweetness, it was amazing.

I never get good pictures of us, I know. I tend to cheese it.

Next adventure: Independence day. We hit up Richfield because they have the most white trash at the park on that day. And deep fried twinkies. And all our favorite cousins were coming.

Obviously I can't take normal pictures. Maybe it was because I hadn't washed my hair for 3+ days here.
Or here.

The fireworks are the best in Richie. Illegal=OK and I love it

Next stop: Spear fishing in poisonous water.

Our friends Tyrel and Mandi asked us to go spear fishing with them out at 2,000 flushes. Never been there? I haven't and I've lived here all my life. It was cool, but the water was creepy. I mean, they drilled a hole millions of feet down and boys expect me to swim in it? Who knows what could be down there, really. I swear I saw a relative of the Loch Ness Monster.

Also, come to find out (thanks to the trusty souls at Sports Authority), staying in the water for more than an hour could result in mercury poisoning. FREAKY! Needless to say, apart from my irrational fear of murky, dark, uncharted bodies of water, I did not get in.

The water is pretty though, I must say.

Next up: BEAR LAKE FAMILY REYUNYUN (as it is commonly spelled by my cousins)


  1. Hurry and put the reyunyun up. I didn't take one picture!

  2. Are you making fun of my 7 year old? I live in Price, you know. Public schools are my only option!!!



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