Old Man


This guy:

Turned 50:

On Wednesday:
With friends and fam damily

The Cake

...And the cake after our cake fight (it was cherry chocolate. Nobody would eat it)

And really, you only turn 50 once. So me and my mom decided to embarrass him. We made flyers (as seen above) and hung them all around town. Without permission. We decorated the office with black balloons and some old high school pictures, and we had a BBQ with family and some friends from church at the house. It was a fun time, and Brian got a lot of random texts and calls saying things like "You're half dead, enjoy your day", or "glad you're still kickin'", etc. Needless to say, he wasn't that happy that we put his name and number on the Pizza Factory marque and on his flyers all around town.

I just wanted to say how great Brian is. Me and my brothers haven't exactly had the best men in our life to look up to, so I'm glad that Brian is such a great example and dad. I'm lucky to have a dad like him in my life :) So...Happy Birthday!


  1. HAAAAAA!!!

    I LOVE IT!!! He looks DANG good for 50. What a sweet post - I think the whole thing is hilarious.

  2. OH my heck, thode high school pictures totally look like todd! And Brian looks like BJ now (it's the mustaches). lol. That is funny, I bet he wanted to kill you. That sounds like fun! Happy Birthday Brain!

  3. I was only in town for a couple days-but laughed my head off when I saw your sign up at KB gas-station:D (Good job Elyse and Lori!) *Happy Belated B-day to Brian-who's older than dirt*



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