Living Naked


It seems my blog is becoming a "things I wish I had but am too poor to get" picture complaint. Is it so obvious that I have nothing else to do but browse the net? I do work... and most of my browsing is in hopes of creative juices flowing into my brain so that I can decorate our SF apartment when we move. I'm ready to start fresh. Live naked, Hence:

I have discovered a little UO apartment therapy if you will. Maybe it's all a little overpriced but...



and weirdly enough, I've been loving Oxford's with socks. I know I'm a little late on the uptake.But I do so love me some Black and Whites.

This chair and this couch are like answers to my dreams. Dale things they would be too uncomfortable. I disagree, because who needs comfort when you have awesomeness.

Speaking of awesomeness, my short-lived guilty pleasure Gossip Girl that I stopped watching recently (and unfortunately) has been my inspiration for fashion and hair lately. I love Blake. I want to name my girl after her because I love the name. And Mr. Badgley AKA Dan Humphry is someone I totally would date if I lived in a socialite high society of New York and wasn't married.
I'm done, and we are going to a family reunion, so I should have something worth blogging about SOON.


  1. This post title was misleading. I feel very let down right now.

  2. that couch is very comfortable!!! I know some one that has one!! and i almost ordered that exact one... but I got a new lens instead.

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