Family Reyounyun


I think I want to charge for viewing this post. I was practically the family photographer at the reyunyon this last week (What the H Suzy?), and everyone is just hanging on the edge of their seats for this one, I just know it.
So, Bear Lake. It was awesome. I had SO much fun with my whole family. The weather was perfect, we had an awesome party boat and a huge space to gather in the evenings. I really had so much fun. This may have been the last time I got to see some of my family before I move, so I liked it. Anyway, enough with the feelings.

Here are my aunties, mom and grandma chillin on the beach. Notice the rug. We had quite the set up

Align Center Lakeee Time!

The kids and adults did lots of Weinie rides.

And lots of mallow roasting

I have the cutest cousins. They played in the dirt all day.

The weather was really great. My grandparents were good sports too.

These two girls were tanning for their boyfriends (AKA Daddies). They have the cutest little bums. Is that legal to put on here?

These two crazy boys loved the boat

The last night we were there, Kelly had a couple games planned. The kids decorated shirts. It was hilarious.

The product of public education in Price. Kidding, it really is good phonetic spelling.

Love these two

And my personal favorite: I'm with the dork. If it counts, he did ask my permission first to write this on his shirt.

While the kids were being creative, the men in the family were competing in IRON CHEF! duh duh duh...
Yup, SPAM with cheese. If you've never tasted it, thats ok. If you have a cat that's thrown up, you've tasted it through smell. It's exactly the same. The boys had to create a dinner and dessert with the materials given, including spam, peppers, crackers, olives, marshmallows, oreos, pie filling, and strawberries, among other things. I have to say it was the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time. My uncles and cousins are so funny when they get together. Mark, Jerry and Bart killed it.

The Teaser

What were these guys called again? I'm pretty sure it was something Spanish

Hell's Kitchen

We also had judges. My grandma was such a good sport. She "quite liked" everything. She grew up with spam, that's why. The next day, she said she was dreaming about it. Hopefully not in a good way.
The judges had to sample everything. The disgusted i'm-ready-to-throw-up look on Nicole's and Randi's faces pretty much sums up how they felt.

Hell's Kitchen ended up winning. That salsa they won was the best, by the way. Anyone ever tried mango salsa?

Our cool cabin K04. We had to get a pic.

Anyway, thats the Bear River adventure! I really had a blast, and I'm glad that mostly everyone could come for part of it. I do have the best family, just in case you were wondering. :) Thanks to everyone who made it happen! Here's lookin' at next year


  1. I think they were called Los Nerdos. Hilarious. Thanks for all your help!

  2. Looks like super fun Elyse!!! Hug your sister for me...I miss her on Sundays:)

  3. I am seriously so glad that you took pictures. I brought my camera. But I feel super duper lazy lately. I honestly didn't take a single picture. I didn't even get it out of the bag. It was so nice to be able to say, "Elyse...get a pic of this." So thanks. I think it's okay to talk about little girl bums on blogs. But I talk about whatever I want on mine. I had so much fun and I'm so glad I got to go this year. I will make sure and block out the dates from now on. You better be flying in for it next year. Have fun in Seattle. Or wherever you are going. I just got a headache and now I don't remember. But I really was listening. Oh yeah. Where did you say you got your suit? I need one.
    P.S. You look like Kim Kardashian. But nicer.

  4. I know you are moving to San Fran, but I meant have fun wherever you are going on Thursday. I wasn't very clear and if I don't know where you are moving to then I am a super idiot.

  5. Note to self: wear makeup and do your hair. WOW! Thanks for all the pictures and good times! I also think you need to fly back next year. I voted house with a cabin.

  6. I'm glad you took so many good pics, we had tons of fun:) You better come next year we need more Ice Cream!!

  7. You two are so dang's always fun seeing what you're up to! Hope all is well.

  8. Reyounyun? or did you mean Reunion? C-C-C-E-D D-D-D-A-R C-E-D D-A-R CEDAR!!!! haha Looks like the reunion was a lot of fun.

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