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I Put the pictures in the wrong order, so if you want the whole story, please start reading from the bottom up. And sorry, it's long.

So, there is the story of our roadtrip. We had so much fun, and it was so worth the drive. Nickelback is amazing, we found some amazing songs, ate good food, and found out lots about each other. I have some amazing friends, so it was awesome to be able to hang out with these 2 girls before I move.

And here's the huge window. Notice how it takes up pretty much the whole back seat, plus I had to sit back there too. So I was squished into a tiny space for 9+ hours with that blasted window. Kelcie just had to have it to redo and decorate.

And then we started our drive home!

Reminded us that we were fat....

We had ice cream at an old-fashioned shop. They make it themselves in front of you everyday, and they had the most amazing flavors! So good.

We saw some great old signs and lots of antique shops.

Anyway, the concert was amazing to say the least. We went home exhausted and our shoes sticky with everyone else's spilled beer. The next day we decided to take it easy and go visit Old Market again before we drove home.

As you can see, we got pretty close. I am in love with the lead singer.

And Nickelback fell down. It was so amazing. Sick. Awesome. Wicked. Freakin' Sweet. They were so good!!!!!!!! They played probably for 2 1/2 hours, and there wasn't one time when we were regretting making that loooong drive from So. Utah.

And the heavens opened......

Oh, the drunk people. This lady was so wasted before the first band was done, and she started dancing up on Jess all night. Jess pushed her hard back into the crown probably 3 times.

The longer the concert went on, the closer we got to the stage, but it was SO LOUD! I could feel my body shaking from the vibrations. It was actually hurting our ears! After the concert, we were all like deaf old grandmas with cotton in our ears. Had to repeat everything 5 times each.

Breaking Benjamin lead singer. We were in love with him. He was really hott. Kinda like a vampire.

Jessica dancing....

Concert time Baby!!! We were SO excited. We had floor tickets, so eventually we made our way down there in time to see Shinedown start playing. I have never seen so many drunk people all together, except maybe at a baseball game. We were expecting a bunch of hard-A rockers, but we got everything from us to cowboys and goths. Quite the mix.

And we loved all the old buildings in downtown.

All decked out in old baseball stuff: bats, baseball cards, mitts...

We ate at a place called Old Chicago. It was pretty much like stepping into Chicago I guess. Never been there. But they had amazing deep dish pizza and a great atmosphere.

The buildings were so awesome. If you know me, I LOVE old, vintage/antique things, so this was like heaven for me and kelc.

Old Town Market! We decided to go to this historic down town place to check out the old buildings and eat before the concert since it was 3 blocks from the concert.

This is actually us driving home...More about the HUGE window later.

Yes, this is where I was born. I am a Cornhusker through and through (?) They wouldn't even stop and let me see my old house!

our best friend: I80
The famous Green Valley Watermelons...

It is roadtrip season! A couple weeks ago, two of my friends and I decided to drive a total of 36+ hours to go to a concert. In Omaha. But who better to go see than NICKELBACK!!! Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, and someone called the Sick Puppies were there too. Really, it was an impossible-to-miss opportunity. If I had a nickel for everytime someone asked us "couldn't you find a concert closer?" I would be a rich woman. It was a roadtrip! Bonding time! Here are our adventures...


  1. Cool post! Awesome window too:) *I'm in-love with vintage items and concerts also*



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