A couple things I am in love with lately:
Canvas shoes.
They have the best deal goin on at Urban Outfitters

Headbands like this. And red lipstick. I feel stupid wearing it in Cedar


Making these

Outfits like this

Attempting this

and updating onesies for babies I don't have
Also, have you seen this blog? I want her hair, her personality, and her syle. Every single picture she takes she has the cutest style and the best hair. I'm copying her when I move. Plus, how awesome is her story? Check her out.
Happy Sunday!


  1. wear RED lipstick!!!! Don't feel stupid!! Red lips at Adorable!!! Just Do It!!

  2. Elyse your page is SOOOO cute! We now can be blogger friends! Facebook me your email so i can add you on my list, my blog is private!!!! Hope your doing good, You guuys look soooo good and happy!!!!

  3. Elyse....I am so glad that you liked poster #2! That was the original poster I made and then the pageant director and co director came over to "tweak" it and poster #1 is what I had in the end. Oh well. I loved my poster, but they thought it was too busy. I just make them in photoshop. From scratch. Well, except most of the stuff I use is not my own creation. Haha. I will make you a poster if you want. I am definitely bringing my kids down for your cupcake camp. Tomorrow is their last day here, but it was such a success the girls are doing another one in July. They had a water day on Monday and they had a fishing pond. Gwen got clip earrings and a bracelet and max got a squirt gun. They can't stop talking about it. Tomorrow will be a sad day when it is over. Please really do yours. Who is doing it with you?

  4. Elyse,
    Do it. It doesn't have to be perfect. Kids won't know and mom's won't care because you just watched their kids for a few hours.
    The last day they got crowns. They were burger king crowns with papers that said "cupcake king" or "cupcake queen" taped to them. Then they decorated buckets. I guess they just had a bunch of different buckets and the kids got to choose their own bucket and put stickers on them. They had their names and ribbons tied to the handles. They also took pictures everyday and on the last day they put a few pictures on a piece of scrapbook paper. Nothing fancy at all. But it was nice to have some pictures. Just ideas, not trying to overwhelm you. Don't let your OCD take control.



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