It seems like we have been to a LOT of baseball games lately. I guess that's what I get for marrying a fanatic.
Anyway, we went on another little trip recently. We went to San Diego to visit Dale's mom and grandparents and to go to a Padres/Giants game. We did some really fun things while we were there.
We went to the Museum of Man at Balboa Park:

Went to the beach...

And of course the game.

While we were there, there were TWO streakers in the 9th inning, one right after the other. We sat behind these 2 very drunk guys who were celebrating his 21st birthday. I remember because they each told me three times. We almost convinced them to live it up and go streaking too.

Streaker #1

and 5 minutes later....

Streaker #2

I have been trying to find things to take up my time during the day and maybe find some new skills. Lately I have been obsessed with 'do it yourself' tutorials and learning how to make things for my home and stuff. I am loving the so-called easiness of making clothes, lamps, pillows, head name it. So I decided to try making some cute stuff. I got a bunch of materials bought and so now I'm just playing with my terribly underdeveloped creativity. Here are a few things I have made so far:

Here is the mess in our tiny living room:

So I have been busy. I know I have been complaining a lot about having nothing to do ("Elyse, GET A JOB!!!") but we have been on some fun trips this summer and have lots more planned, so I really should stop.

Also, small side note: Dale passed his 2nd test! 2 more to go and he'll be all done. He is amazing.


  1. Yes... my favorite is the Kit Kat in the last picture! HAHA busted :)



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