Well, summer has officially started!

Monday was my last day of school EVER!! After our finals on Monday, my Block class all had a BBQ to celebrate the end. I am actually kind of sad for this semester to end. I made some really great friends during the semester and I am sad to leave them. They will all be good teachers though, and I'm excited to see how everyone does. We got our student teaching placements on Monday. I'll be teaching 4th grade and Kindergarten at Fiddlers Elementary. I am really excited and only a little nervous!! I can't believe I am done, it is so weird. Here are a couple pics of my class and our last day!

Most of the class!

This is my entire block class wearing our blockhead shirts that we all made. We had a little too much fun sometimes :)

Next, I am happy to say that I did something totally unresponsible this last weekend. Kortney and Jeff called us to see if we wanted to go to an Angels/YANKEES game Friday and Saturday. How could I refuse?? Even though I had a huge, expensive test scheduled for Saturday with the rest of my class, but I wanted to go. I've been wanting to see the Yankees play forever. So, I ditched the test and we drove to LA Friday with the Kupfers. It was a BLAST. We bought some Yankee shirts and hit up two games. We had some ok seats, but the weather was amazing and the boys loved it. While we were there, we also went to the beach and walked around the city a little bit. It was so fun. Thanks Kup and Kortney for inviting us!

Here is us at the 2nd game with some drunkies that jumped into our picture...


Nosebleed seats the first night

And the beach!!

We had a ton of fun. I love being unresponsible.


  1. Wow that is totally irresponsible. I am surprised Elyse! I think that is pretty awesome and I bet it made your hubby happy. My kids miss you. Will you be around this summer? Joey has summer classes so we will be there a lot.



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